Bed Threads Review: 100% French Flax Linen Bedding

Have you been struggling to get comfortable and settled before going to sleep?

Did you know that the material of your bedding can be a massive contributor to your quality of sleep? Bedding materials can alter your temperature when you’re sleeping. This can have adverse effects on your sleep causing disruption.

Having a light and breathable material is what you need to help you rest easy. A popular high quality material used for bedding is linen.

Linen is known for its light and soft texture making it an ideal choice for bedding. However, there are different versions of linen that offer a host of benefits.

A popular variety of linen is flax linen which is soft, breathable, organic, and biodegradable. Bed Threads is a well known company known for specializing in selling flax linen bedding.

They offer quality and low maintenance bedding that require simple and straightforward care. This post will review Bed Threads linen bedding to give you the lowdown on all you need to know.

Who Are Bed Threads?

Bed Threads is a linen brand based in Australia that specializes in offering 100% flax linen bedding sets. This company is centered on offering luxurious and comfortable bedding for its customers.

With Australia being a hot country, their aim is to create a solution by providing breathable and comfortable bedding for all seasons of the year. 


Manufacturing linen is a long and labor-intensive process. Making high quality flax linen bedding is time consuming. The question of why flax linen can’t be made in Australia to reduce emissions further is a question worth raising…

The flax used to make Bed Threads is grown in France because the flax plant can only grow in certain conditions.

The conditions within Western Europe are where the flax plants grow best and produce the best quality. Flax linen is an eco-friendly material that provides great benefits as a result of its organic qualities.

Bed Threads Review


The flax used to make the linen is sustainable and grown without pesticides. It is grown in France by certified farmers and suppliers. Unlike cotton, the flax used to make linen requires less water, energy, pest control, and no irrigation.

This makes the production of flax linen bedding more sustainable than cotton bedding.

Bed Threads are also considered to be 100% carbon neutral. Their commitment to sustainability encourages them to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases wherever they can in the process end to end.

Bed Threads uses carbon offsets to ensure they maintain their status as a carbon-neutral company. They are also cautious about doing what they can to conserve the environment.

They try to do their bit to protect the environment by not using any plastic in their process or packaging. Instead, their delivery packaging includes reusable drawstring fabric bags.

They also work to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing transportation. Bed Threads work by getting the product from the supplier delivered directly to the consumer and effectively cutting out the middleman.

In doing so, they help to reduce time, energy, and the fuel consumption that would occur from unnecessary transportation.


Temperature Regulation

Bed threads are designed to help you regulate your body temperature. The linen used helps to ensure that during colder seasons, what stays within the bedding to ensure it stays warm and insulated.

Whilst during hotter months it offers breathability to help to cool you down. Maintaining a balanced temperature essential for getting a good night's sleep.


With an ability to stay soft after each wash, it’s no wonder that flax linen is known for its durability. This material is considered to be twice as durable as cotton and wool but with a much softer texture. These qualities help it retain its shape and quality for years to come.


Whilst linen is a delicate material, it is incredibly easy to care for. When it comes to cleaning your Bed Threads bedding, all that’s required is washing the bedding with a liquid detergent on a cold easy cycle, this helps to protect the fibers.

After the wash, you can simply air-dry the bedding. Unlike cotton, flax linen is naturally moisture wicking, making a great material for drying out quickly. This is ideal for those days when you’re low on time to wait for your bedding to dry.


Like a bottle of old wine, Bed Threads get better with time. Whilst linen is a soft material, after each wash, the fabric will become gradually softer and softer.

It does this by becoming more absorbent leaving it feeling softer and comfier. Unlike cotton bedding, each wash helps it gain softness without wearing its texture away and becoming worn.

User Friendly

Bed Thread bedding isn’t just soft and temperature regulating, it also offers additional benefits. Flax linen contains antibacterial properties making it the ideal material for bedding as it helps to keep your space fresh and clean as well as helping to improve skin moisture.

Flax linen is hypoallergenic making it ideal for anyone with sensitive skin. It is also a dirt resistant material making it suitable for anyone with allergies or asthma.

Bed Threads flax linen offers an earthy farmhouse look, sometimes the bedding sizing can be on the tighter size, but this may ease after the first wash.


Linen is known for its hefty cost as a result of the long process of flax growth and the extensive linen production process. However, Bed Threads offer affordable yet high quality bedding.

By cutting out the middleman in the delivery process, they are able to save costs and effectively cut costs to make their products more affordable without compromising on the quality.

Whilst the price of Bed Thread bedding may be considered to be on the steep side, it is justified by its high quality material, the sophisticated weaving process to make Bed Threads bedding, and longevity.


As a fabric, linen possesses a natural crinkle in its appearance. Flax fibers tend to contain little elasticity and resilience making it more difficult for them to return to their original shape after being compressed from washing.

This can be perceived as a natural and organic aesthetic with a rustic feel. But, it could also be perceived as looking messy or undone. This bedding is ideal for anyone who doesn’t mind their bedding with a little bit of character and quirkiness.

However, if the crinkles in the bedding do bother you but you still like the look of it, you can always iron the linen bedding on low heat.

Things To Consider When Buying Linen Bedding

Is Linen Right For You?

Linen stands out from other bedding materials. Unlike cotton or mixed materials, linen is made from natural fibers. Linen made from flax is considered to be softer linen which makes it the ideal material for comfortable and soothing bedding.

The texture of linen gets better with time. Each wash leaves it feeling softer than before. With the right care, linen will last a very long time and will continue to look great and stay soft.

It’s a great material choice for bedding if you are someone who struggles to get comfortable and settled or tends to overheat in bed.


Are you okay with your bedding not being super soft straight away? Whilst Bed Threads flax linen is soft on arrival, linen is known to get softer with time after each wash.

So, if you’re wanting super soft bedding from the get-go you may have to wait a couple of weeks. But, it’ll be worth the wait.

Thread Count Or Weight

An ideal thread count for bedding should be about 80-120. The thread count shouldn't be too high as the fibers are thick and can't be woven as tightly as other materials.

If there is no thread count available, take a look at the weight. A good linen sheet should weigh between 175-190 grams per square meter (GSM).

Bed Thread 100% French flax linen sits at 170 GSM making it ultra-lightweight linen. This is the perfect weight for soft and comfortable bedding.

Here are a couple of tips to keep your flax linen fresh:

  • After washing your bed linen, the bedding should air dry relatively quickly. Tumble-drying is not a recommended option. However, if you can’t hang your bedding outside and your only option is a tumble dryer, be sure to make sure you put it on a cool setting and that you avoid overloading the machine.


Whilst the product of pure and organic linen is labor intensive, time consuming, and expensive, Bed Threads are committed to providing the best quality bedding at the most affordable price with as little impact on the environment.

This commitment to sustainability is represented by the quality of the soft and durable bedding that will long outlive any cotton or silk bedding.

Whilst Bed Threads are on the steeper side, their bedding offers more than just a luxury aesthetic. They provide a solution to helping people who struggle to sleep from overheating, it provides a solution to helping those with allergies and sensitive skin.

If you’re interested in purchasing Bed Threads 100% French flax linen bedding, click here.