Palm Leaf Plates, Bowls, Dishes | The Most Eco friendly Option?

Everyone is looking for ways to reduce waste, and it includes replacing disposal plastic and Styrofoam plates with more eco-friendly options. One sustainable product gaining global attention is palm leaf plates.

These disposable and sustainable plates are made from fallen Areca Palm leaves.

Artisans collect the dried leaves from the ground, using them to create natural plates and bowls. Each leaf is turned into several plates, maximizing sustainability.

 Are you ready to switch over to eco-friendly plates but not sure where to start? We’ve done the research and created brief reviews on some of the top products.


Palm Leaf Plates

These palm leaf compostable plates from Concession Essentials come in a 25 count package. The 9” x 6” plates are ideal for picnics, weddings, and other special occasions, or anytime you don’t feel like doing the dishes.

The rectangular plates are a natural brown color. They have an attractive appearance and are surprisingly sturdy. You can pile the palm leaf plates full of your favorite foods. You don’t have to worry about the plates bending or breaking.

Use these natural plates with sandwiches, sushi, and more. You can also load the plates up with shareable appetizers, your options are almost endless.

When you are finished eating, toss the plates in a compost pile. They are bio-degradable, making them an eco-friendly alternative to other types of disposable plates.


  • Comes in 25 count packages
  • Attractive appearance and versatile uses
  • Bio-degradable and compostable


  • These palm leaf plates are a little flimsy than some higher-priced products.


Palm Leaf Dishes

You get 50 eco-friendly palm leaf plates from Better Than Bamboo, along with 100 pieces of compostable utensils. The 150 piece set is great for parties, BBQs, and anytime you gather with family and friends around a great meal.

The eight-inch square plates measure eight inches. It gives you plenty of room to hold burgers, sushi, desserts, and appetizers. The utensils are sturdy enough to handle almost any type of food.

These products are also 100% bio-degradable. You can throw a fabulous party and still reduce your impact on the environment.

Each palm plate is handcrafted from sustainably-sourced fallen palm leaves.

The plates are free from moisture and mildew. All you get are attractive, natural plates and utensils.


  • The set includes 50 palm leaf plates and 150 compostable utensils
  • All products are inspected for moisture and mildew before packaging
  • The plates are made from sustainably-sourced Areca palm leaves


  • The included utensils may be too small for some adults to use comfortably.


Leaf Plates

Kijani biodegradable palm leaf plates reduce your consumption of plastic products. The 10-inch square plates are biodegradable. The chemically-free plates are safe to toss in a compost pile.

Made from sustainably-sourced palm leaves, the plates break down without having an impact on the environment. The eco-friendly plates have an elegant and stylish appearance.

The natural brown color allows the plates to look great with any table décor. You can easily use them for anything from picnics, BBQs, and camping trips to special occasions.

The plates are tear and leak-resistant, unlike paper products. They are incredibly sturdy and can handle anything from piping-hot entrees to delicious desserts.


  • The 10-inch square plates come in a 20 count pack.
  • Each leaf is steam treated during drying and processing
  • The plates are 100% biodegradable and compostable


  • Some plates may be thinner than others in the package.


Palm Leaf Plates

This palm leaf plate combo from Dtocs is ideal for any event. The biodegradable plate and bowl combo work great for weddings, graduation, anniversary, and birthday parties.

You can also use them for camping trips, BBQs, and anything you are gathered around the table.

The 50 count pack comes with 10-inch dinner plates and 7-inch dessert bowls. You get 25 biodegradable plates and bowls, perfect for holding everything from ice cream to BBQ ribs.

Use the bowls for salads or even soup. This palm leaf plate and bowl combo are microwave safe.

Each plate and bowl is naturally sourced from fallen palm leaves. Trees are never cut during the harvesting, processing, or manufacturing processes.

You get eco-friendly dishes for your next party that also look great on the table.


  • The set includes 25 eco-friendly plates and bowls
  • Comes in an elegant and natural design
  • The eco-friendly bowls and plates are microwave-safe


  • Some plates and bowls in the set may be too flimsy to use with heavier foods.


Leaf Bowl

This set not only comes with disposable and biodegradable palm leaf plates, but also includes tableware, bowls, cups, and napkins. With settings for twenty people per packaging, you have enough for small gatherings with family and friends.

If you need more place settings, you can easily order additional sets of the palm leaf plates on Amazon.

The biodegradable plates, cups, and bowls are durable and sturdy. They can support the weight of most foods, and don’t tear as easily as plastic plates.

You don’t have to worry about the plates breaking as you’re eating.

You can use the plates, bowls, and cups for hot and cold foods.

The eco-friendly tableware can also handle gravy without leaking. The palm leaves will not soften with liquids. You can use these sustainable products for whatever you are serving to your guests.


  • You get 20 biodegradable plates, bowls, cups, napkins, forks, and knives.
  • These products are microwave-safe, making them ideal for hot and cold foods
  • You can use the eco-friendly table settings for almost any gathering or party


  • The set does not come with knives.

Best Palm Leaf Plates Buying Guide

Palm leaf plates are currently the most eco-friendly option. They are more sustainable than bamboo, and you can use the plates with hot and cold foods.

Natural palm leaf plates have an attractive appearance. Some are elegant enough to use at weddings, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

Before you grab the first set of palm leaf plates you see, it’s a good idea to review our brief buying guide. You’ll find helpful tips that make it easy to choose the right table settings for your event.

Palm Leaf Plates


It may surprise you to learn not all palm leaf plates are the same. When you are looking for sustainable dishes, you want to make sure they are made with Areca leaves.

These palm leaves are gathered after falling from the trees. The leaves are sturdy, durable, and create long-lasting plates, cups, and bowls.

Manufacturing and Processing

You want to look for palm leaf plates using a natural manufacturing process. Look for hand-gathered leaves, naturally dried in the sun.

The drying and manufacturing process shouldn’t include using chemicals. You want palm leaf dishes that use 100% natural processes throughout manufacturing.

Size, Type, and Quantity

Think about what you are using the palm leaf plates for. Do you need plates big enough to hold hefty sandwiches or something smaller for appetizers?

 You can find palm leaf plants in sizes from around 10-inches down to 4-inch ones perfect for a slice of cake.

Sizing also applies to palm leave cups and bowls, though most are around 4.5 inches or so in size.

Along with deciding on the type of palm leaf place settings, you also want to think about how many you need. If you are throwing a large party, look for sets of twenty or more. Some even come with compostable utensils and napkins.

Palm Bowls

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Areca Leaf Plates Reusable?

Depending on what you are serving, you may be able to reuse your palm leaf plates and bowls. Just wash them off after use and let them air dry.

Do not put the leaves in the dishwasher or soak in water. The palm leave will start deteriorating.

Are Palm Leaf Plates Waterproof?

Palm leaf plates are microwave and oven-safe. You can also put them in the freezer without worries.

The natural material can handle hot and cold liquids, making them water-resistant but not water-proof.

Their biodegradable properties will cause them to start breaking down in the water.

How Long Do Palm Leaf Plates Last?

Palm leaf plates can last up to a year in the packaging. The airtight seal helps to delay their natural decay.

Areca palm leaf plates can last up to 60 days out of the package before starting to wrap and weaken.

What Are Leaf Plates Made Of?

These biodegradable plates are made with leaves from the Areca Palm tree. Fallen leaves are collected and dried, often by local artisans.

Collecting the leaves from the ground eliminates the need for deforestation. It’s an eco-friendly and sustainable process.

Can You Wash Palm Leaf Plates?

Palm leaf plates aren’t waterproof, but they are water-resistant. You can wash the plates and bowls out with warm soapy water. You don’t want to scrub the fibers, it leads to faster deterioration.

A soft brush and mild dish soap remove most sticky substances and some stains. You may not be able to wash all of your palm leaf plates.

Are Palm Leaf Plates Sturdy?

Palm leaf plates are surprisingly sturdy. Areca palm leaves are thick but lightweight. They can support dense foods without splintering or breaking.

Hot foods also aren’t a problem for the thick leaves. You also don’t have to worry about the leaves warping or wilting in the microwave.


Palm leaf plates are the leading option when it comes to eco-friendly plates. Sustainable processes from harvesting the fallen leaves to creating the plates ensure you get eco-friendly products.

Leaf plates are also stylish and don’t forget about their versatility. You can use them at weddings and backyard BBQs, and a whole lot more. Their versatility also makes palm leaf plates a great value for any budget.