The Top 5 Best Bamboo Sheets For Hot Sleepers

Getting a good night’s sleep may start with the right mattress, but it doesn't end there. Your bedding also plays a significant role in your sleep quality, especially the sheets.

You want soft and breathable sheets, that are also eco-friendly.

 Bamboo sheets are starting to get plenty of attention from consumers. The material is silky soft and incredibly breathable. 

They’re a great choice for hot sleepers, but how do you know you are choosing the right set of bamboo sheets? 

To help you find the best bamboo sheets we have taken care of the research for you. Keep reading to find reviews and helpful buying tips.


Bamboo Sheets

Bedsure bamboo sheets are naturally breathable, keeping hot sleepers comfortably cool at night. Made from 100% bamboo viscose fibers, you get incredibly soft sheets with moisture-wicking properties. You stay dry and cool throughout the night.

The bamboo bedding set comes with a fitted and flat sheet, along with two pillowcases. You get everything you need for a good night's sleep for an affordable price.

Deep pockets on the fitted sheet ensure it stays in place on the mattress. The sheets slide easily on 16” deep mattresses, and you’ll appreciate the pillowcases’ envelope design. Even restless sleepers won’t have a problem with the pillowcases sliding off at night.


  • Made from 100% bamboo viscose fibers
  • Naturally soft and breathable
  • Won’t slip off your mattress or pillows


  • The color dyes can fade over time with repeated washings.


Bamboo Sheets

The Shilucheng 6-pc bamboo bed sheet set comes with a fitted and flat sheet and four matching pillowcases. Deep pockets on the fitted sheet prevent it from sliding off of the mattress, so you get a comfortable night’s sleep.

Made from bamboo viscose fibers, the sheets are naturally hypoallergenic, and hot sleepers will appreciate the moisture-wicking properties. The soft sheets are also breathable and can help regulate body temperature.

Caring for the bamboo sheets is a breeze. You can toss them in the washer and dryer. The sheets are also naturally wrinkle-resistant, so they can go from the dryer straight to your bed.


  • Naturally odor-resistant
  • Made from bamboo fibers
  • Comes in a six-piece set with four pillowcases


  • The sheets may require multiple washes to remove the natural odor before using on your bed.


Bamboo Sheets

You look for a few things in your bedding, and this bamboo sheet set from LuxClub checks most of the boxes. The sheets are a blend of viscose bamboo fibers with a blend of elastic and microfiber edging on the fitted one.

The blended elastic ensures the fitted sheet stays firmly in place, even if you’re a restless sleeper.

The bamboo fibers produce a set of soft and smooth sheets. The bedding is also wrinkle-free. You don’t have to spend time ironing the sheets out of the dryer.

The moisture-wicking properties help you stay cool and dry at night. Something every hot sleeper looks for in a set of sheets.

LuxClub’s bamboo sheets are eco-friendly from bamboo fibers to colorful dyes. Employees at home and overseas are also paid fair wages, so you can feel good about sleeping on the six-piece bedding set.


  • Comes with a fitted and flat sheet, along with four pillowcases
  • Deep 18” pockets on the fitted sheet
  • Manufactured using fair and sustainable practices


  • The bedding set contains rayon made from bamboo.


Bamboo Sheets

Caromio bamboo sheets are super soft against your skin. They have the natural cooling and moisture-wicking properties you expect from natural bamboo bedding.

The sheets help regulate your body temperature at night, so you stay cool and comfortable without sweating.

Deep, 16-inch pockets on the fitted sheet prevent it from sliding off the mattress. The pockets also allow the sheet to easily fit over 16” deep mattresses. It’s the pillowcases that stand out.

Not only are they comfortable, but also stylish. They come with three embroidered threads, giving your bed a clean and contemporary look.

The bamboo sheets are OEKO TEX & ISO 9001 certified.

The sheets meet environmental standards in both the materials and manufacturing process. You can feel good about sleeping on these eco-friendly sheets.


  • Eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes
  • Naturally soft and breathable
  • Designed to keep hot sleepers cool at night


  • The sheets can wrinkle easily if left in the dryer.


Bamboo Sheets

One thing to look for in the best bamboo sheets is a non-blended material. Bamtek sheets are 100% organic bamboo, without any blending.

You get hypoallergenic sheets that won’t irritate sensitive skin. The natural material reduces friction that often causes skin redness.

The sateen weave looks and feels great, but it’s not the only advantage. The bamboo material is breathable, keeping you cool at night. The moisture-wicking properties will even keep you dry during night sweats. You won’t wake up uncomfortably wet.

You get a flat and fitted sheet with the set. It also comes with two envelope-style pillowcases. The deep pockets on the fitted sheet slide easily over 16” deep mattresses. The elasticized edging ensures a secure fit.


  • Made from 100% bamboo fibers
  • Naturally reduces friction against your skin
  • Machine wash and dryer safe


  • The natural material can start piling after multiple washes.

Best Bamboo Sheets Buying Guide

Bamboo sheets are an eco-friendly way to get a great night’s sleep. The only problem is choosing the right set. Bamboo sheets come at various price points, including budget-friendly options. But how do you know which is the best bamboo sheet set?

Before you grab the first bedding set you see, take a minute to find out what you want to look for in bamboo sheets.


You want to look for sheets made from 100% viscose bamboo fibers or 100% bamboo rayon. Any other blends sacrifice comfort and softness for affordability. It includes bamboo blended with microfiber, cotton, and polyester.

Bamboo blended with Lyocell, a material similar to rayon is an option. The manufacturing process is almost as eco-friendly as 100% bamboo, and you get the same advantages. The sheets are soft and breathable and often come at a lower price point.


The weave is almost as important as the material. It plays a role in how the sheets feel. It can also determine durability.

Two weaves to look for are twill and sateen. Each one has a specific advantage. Twill weaves give you incredible softness, but you are losing some of the smoothness associated with bamboo sheets.

It’s still smoother than most cotton sheets, but not as much as a sateen weave.

Size and Color

Always measure your mattress before purchasing bamboo sheets. Some mattresses are deeper than others, and it affects sheet size.

Look for bamboo fitted sheets with deep pockets, at least 16”. It ensures the sheet fits easily and securely over the mattress. It’s also a good idea to choose envelope-style pillowcases, especially if you’re a restless sleeper.

When it comes to color, you have plenty of options. You can find bamboo sheets in a variety of neutral and fashionable colors. Don’t forget to check the dyes, some manufacturers use chemicals you may not want on your bed.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Thread Count on Bamboo Sheets?

The best bamboo sheets have a thread count of at least 300, but you may want to go higher. A higher thread count gives the sheets a smoother feel and improves durability. The sheets are less likely to start pilling after a few washes.

Are Bamboo Sheets Worth the Cost?

Even budget-friendly bamboo sheets are priced higher than bedding made from other materials, but there’s a reason for the cost.

Bamboo sheets are made from natural materials instead of cheaper synthetic blends.

You may pay more, but you also get soft, temperature-regulating, and moisture-wicking sheets that will last for years.

What are the Pros and Cons of Bamboo Sheets?

The biggest disadvantage is the price. Bamboo sheets are more expensive than some other sets. Another drawback is the wrinkles, some bamboo sheets require ironing after washing.

Some of the advantages of sleeping on bamboo bedding include its hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking properties. The sheets are also soft and durable. Some brands are also eco-friendly and follow sustainable manufacturing processes.

How Can You Tell If Bamboo Sheets are Real?

Not all bamboo sheets are 100% viscose fibers, some are blended with synthetic materials. Most manufacturers list the materials on the packaging, but not all.

One way to tell if your bamboo sheets are real is by feel. For example, a bamboo and microfiber blend is thicker than ones made from 100% fibers. Bamboo sheets also feel softer, and smoother compared to blended ones.


You have multiple reasons to switch to eco-friendly bamboo sheets. The natural fabric is soft and smooth, and don’t forget about its breathability.

Hot sleepers and anyone dealing with night sweats understand the importance of sleeping cool. It’s what you get with a set of the best bamboo sheets.

Before you grab the first sheet set in the store, take some time to do a little research. If you want the best bamboo sheets, make sure they are 100% natural. It’s also a good idea to check the weave and thread count, it affects comfort and durability.