Cariuma Review

Are you tired of looking for the perfect pair of sneakers that gives you comfort, durability, and actually lasts?

The sad reality is that it can be difficult to find the right pair of shoes, especially when it comes to ticking all of the boxes. And often, once you’ve found a pair you love, you’ll wear them to death and then have to throw them out.

If only there was a solution to finding the perfect pair of shoes that stands the test of time and has little impact on the environment…

Cariuma does just that. Cariuma is a sustainable footwear brand that takes a stand against wasteful consumerism and strives to create sneakers for comfort and longevity. This post will give a review on Cariuma. 

Cariuma Overview

Cariuma was founded in 2018 by David Python and Fernando Porto. They aimed to create a sustainable footwear company that would challenge the wasteful practices of fast fashion and existing corporations that no longer take social responsibility.

They designed a company that would better serve people and the environment. Sneakers are considered popular all over the world. They can be dressed up and down, worn professionally and casually. Cariuma works to reinvent the sneaker as we know it. 

In a bid to avoid contributing to a throwaway culture, each sneaker is consciously made from a sustainable material and is designed for longevity and comfort.

By increasing the lifespan of the footwear, they aim to encourage the purchase of products that will last and that can be altered along the way.

Is Cariuma A Sustainable Company?


Cariuma works hard to implement sustainable initiatives within its production process. They have set up a reforestation program to offset their carbon footprint. So, for every pair of shoes made, they plant two trees in Brazil.

Home to the Amazon rainforest, this location supports several endangered plants and animals. By committing to replanting trees, Cariuma is helping to aid reforestation to preserve the natural habitat.

Cariuma Reviews


Cariuma stands out from other footwear companies because they implement sustainable practices throughout their production process. Each pair of shoes is made sustainably with sustainable, raw, and clean natural materials.

The main materials used for the production of their footwear are bamboo, rubber, cork, mamona oil, leather, and suede.

Cariuma also uses rubber to make the thick sole of their sneakers. The rubber used for production is ethically extracted with no harm done to the trees as they use a tapping method to extract the milk.

Cariuma uses cork to make the insoles of their footwear. Not only is the cork used for the insole comfortable and cushioned, but it is also natural and sustainably sourced by carefully scraping it from the cork tree.

This process ensures that the tree remains unharmed and intact so that it can create new bark.

Cariuma uses mamona oil as a natural and organic substitute for petroleum. Mamona oil is used instead of petroleum to help decrease the use of harmful virgin plastics. Instead, the aim is to focus on increasing their use of naturally sourced materials.

The outer material of Cariuma shoes is made from sustainably sourced leather and suede. The leather and suede used for shoe production are responsibly sourced from Argentina, Brazil, Thailand, and China.

They commit to ensuring that none of their leather or suede is sourced from the Amazon or sourced from any areas deforested for cattle-rearing. To ensure that commitment, their leather and suede are certified by the Leather Working Group.


To become more sustainable, Cariuma aims to move away from virgin plastics by focusing on recycling and using recycled material. For instance, their labels and laces are made from recycled and repurposed plastic known as PET plastic.

Thi material is made from recycled plastic bottles. All of the PET used in the production of footwear is certified by Global Recycle Standard.

To increase their practice of recycling and use recycled material, Cariuma committed to ensuring that all the rubber that isn’t used in production doesn’t just get left behind to go to landfills.

Instead, it is all recycled and used to make the next pair of shoes to reduce the amount of waste produced.


Unfortunately, the production of footwear uses water and energy. However, the effects of using these resources are minimized as 100% of the water used by Cariuma to produce their leather and suede is recycled and reused.

Additionally, they use solar panels as a natural source of energy that has minimal effect on the environment.

The production of Cariuma shoes is absent from any harsh chemicals or dyes and the color produced is all-natural. The company is Bluesign certified to ensure that the materials used in production are chemical and dye free.


Cariuma offers a solution to excessive and wasteful delivery packaging. Each pair of shoes is delivered in a single box. This box acts both as a shoebox and delivery packaging.

Not only does this multipurpose function reduce the use of materials present, but the box is also made from recycled and recyclable cardboard and paper making it sustainable. The customer is either free to recycle the box or repurpose it to use for something else.

Carbon Neutral Shipping

Cariuma is committed to offsetting any effects they have on the environment. To do this they implement a carbon neutral shipping practice.

This involves shipment emissions being neutralized through a variety of reforestation programs around the world as well as in Brazil with their reforestation program in the Amazon rainforest.

Cariuma’s carbon neutral shipping demonstrates a commitment to making conscious and sustainable choices that have little impact on the environment.

They demonstrate that they are taking responsibility for the impact they have on the environment and rather than ignore it, find solutions to offset their effect.


With a 3cm thick sole, Cariuma is great for shock absorption. The bottom of the sole also includes a ridged design which gives the shoe extra grip. These properties make these shoes popular amongst skaters as they perform in a similar way to Vans.

Cariuma insoles are made from a blend of cork and mamona oil. These materials create a memory foam that helps to give the shoe extra cushion to make for ultra comfortable wear. The use of cork also provides great support for the arches due to the shoe's durability.

Whilst the insoles of the shoes are designed for comfort, they are removable for anyone who wishes to customize them by putting their own insoles in.

The inside of the shoe is also lined with organic cotton which creates a soft texture on the inside of the shoes to improve the level of comfort.

Vegan-friendly IBI sneaker

65% of Cariuma shoes are vegan. Their vegan sneakers stand as greener shoes made wholly from plants and recycled plastic.

To make vegan Cariuma sneakers, there are a couple of different materials included in its production. Vegan Cariuma sneakers are made from bamboo, sugarcane outer sole, cork, and mamona oil.

Cariuma uses bamboo because of its strength and fibre rich and antimicrobial properties with high CO2 absorption. This is an ideal material to use for shoe construction.

All of the bamboo extracted by Cariuma is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and the Organic Crop Improvement Association.

Cariuma uses a unique IBI technology that makes bamboo that flexes and retains its shape and hugs your feet, making it feel like you’re putting on a new pair of shoes every day.

Instead of using rubber, the vegan Cariuma uses sugarcane EVA to make a thick, cushioned, and durable outsole made completely from renewable and sustainable sugarcane.

Are Cariuma Shoes Comfortable?

Cariuma designs their shoes for comfort. One way to ensure maximum comfort is the use of organic cotton on the inside of their shoes. Using organic and sustainably sourced cotton free from toxic chemicals and pesticides adds to the quality and comfort of each shoe.

The cotton adds softness and cushion to support and soothe your feet. The cotton used for production is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard.

Cariuma shoes are made from an outer layer of either bamboo, leather, or suede. Each offers durability and flexibility that hug the feet to ensure maximum comfort and fit.

All of the materials used are lightweight and delicate making for a lightweight shoe overall. This weightlessness makes wearing the shoe comfortable and effortless.

Do Cariuma Shoes Last?

All Cariuma sneakers are designed for longevity. The materials chosen are built to last to offer a lifetime of wear.

Cariuma also developed sneakers with a classic and timeless design to allow them to adapt to new trends. The Cariuma IBI sneaker is even machine-washed for easy maintenance.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a shoe that’s comfortable, sustainable, consciously made, and actually lasts, Cariuma may be the sneakers for you.

With a timeless design, they can be dressed up or down in numerous ways and their quality ensures a lifetime of comfortable wear. Find out more information about Cariuma here.