Teema Towels Review

Finding the perfect towel is a process that requires a lot of thought. Is it absorbent enough to dry you off quickly? Is it soft and comfortable against your skin? Can it be used for multiple purposes, i.e as a bath towel and beach towel or one that you can take with you to the gym?

A great quality towel is an item that many of us treasure and when washed correctly, it can deliver long-lasting use. The market is inundated with offerings from lots of different brands and this can make it difficult to narrow the selection down to find the right towel for your needs.

Teema Towels is a brand that specializes in Turkish towels, however, their product range also consists of blankets.

Those who are not very familiar with this brand may have questions regarding the quality and practicality of the products that they make. In our review below we have covered everything that you need to know about Teema Towels.

What Are Teema Towels?

Founded in 2017, Teema Towels is deemed to be ‘The Number One Online Shop For All Things Turkish Towels’ as stated on theair company website.

The family behind the brand was fed up with having to purchase regular towels from online retailers so after experiencing the luxury of Turkish towels in Cambodia they decided to create their own.

They met with local and internationally known weavers and learned more about the traditional techniques that are used to create these types of towels. These weavers are now responsible for making Teema Towels products.

The team behind this brand prides itself on crafting products of the highest quality. Many of their weavers work on family looms that are situated inside their homes.

What Are Turkish Towels?

As we have identified, this brand largely consists of Turkish towels amongst other products. However, if you are yet to try Turkish towels, you may be curious as to what makes them so special.

The main difference between Turkish towels and regular towels is that Turkish towels are traditionally flat-woven using Turkish cotton. Although they tend to be large they are lightweight and therefore easy to carry around.

They are also absorbent but thin so they do not take long to dry. Another selling point of Turkish towels concerns their durability. They are likely to last much longer than regular towels so you will get plenty of use out of them.

Teema Towels Review

The Towels Available At Teema Towels

This brand creates an array of towels that come in different colors and patterns. The labyrinth pattern is one of their best sellers and it comes in navy, tan, sky, lilac, and lime. To create the labyrinth design, lots of different colored threads are used.

They measure 38” x 70” and weigh 12 oz. As they are made on a traditional jacquard loom, they are soft but thick. Moreover, the towels in this collection are praised for their versatility.

Depending on your needs it can either be used as a towel or thanks to its large surface area, it can be used as a blanket. This is great for occasions when you visit the beach and want something comfortable to lay on.

The Navy Simple design is another bestseller. It is not as large or heavy as those from the Labyrinth collection as it measures 38” x 68” and weighs 10 oz. Because it is thinner, after you use it, it will dry very fast.

Thanks to the classic design, it will complement the interiors of many bathrooms, however, if desired you can use it as a beach towel or blanket.

If the color navy doesn’t quite cater to your taste, you will be pleased to know that it is available in an assortment of colors. This includes stone, yellow, blue, pink, and maroon.

The Diamante towel is also classed as one of Teema Towel’s best-selling designs. Again this towel comes in a variety of colors so you can select your favorite option. These colors include black, maroon, blue, aqua and tan.

The pattern on this towel is also slightly more subtle as it builds up more towards the edging. It weighs and measures the same as the towels in the labyrinth collection so it is thick and absorbent, but also has a nice soft feel to it.

If you are looking for a towel that is designed with a fun print, the Tribal collection is perfect for you. Unlike any other towels that Teema produces, the tribal towel is double-sided and on each side the colors are inverted.

With the grey towel, for example, one side has a grey background and white pattern, whilst the other side has a white background and grey pattern. As such, it is very unique. This is a popular versatile option that can either be used at home or taken to the beach, a festival, or backpacking.

It is slightly smaller than the towels that we have previously mentioned as it measures 35” x 67”. It is also pretty lightweight at only 11 oz. Because of this, it is a lightweight towel that is compact and easy to carry. Aside from grey, it is also available in pink, stone, and yellow.

Other popular options include the noble print, the layered design, the waffle collection, the morocco towel, and tie-dye.

What Do We Like About Teema Towels?

They Are Aesthetically Pleasing - as we have identified, these towels are available in a range of patterns and colors. Most of them also have a frilled edge. The choice of different colors and patterns allows you to select the towel that caters to your preferences.

Versatility - many customers have been impressed with the versatility of these towels. Whilst some may choose to use them as bathroom towels, they can be used for backpacking and festivals/ concerts and they make great beach towels too. 

Moreover, some of the towels are large enough to double up as blankets or wraps.

The Weight - a great thing about these towels is that they are lightweight and this is going to be beneficial for those who plan on using them as beach towels in particular. This is because they are not going to consume a huge amount of space and they also are not too weighty. 

Furthermore, the weight combined with the thinness of these towels means that they are going to be easier to store in between uses.

Comfort - when it comes to choosing the best towel, comfort is crucial. You don’t want to get out of the bath or the sea and wrap yourself in a towel that has a rough surface. Many customers like that these towels have a soft surface which is nice and comfortable.

Promotions - on the Teema towels website you will find that they regularly run promotions. As part of their current promotion, if you buy 3 towels you will get one free. 

Also, if your purchases exceed $75 you will qualify for free shipping if you live in the USA. It is worth noting that these promotions run for a limited time.

What Do We Dislike About Teema Towels?

The Cost - the majority of the towels retail for more than $30. As such, they may not be the most practical option for those on a budget, especially as you can get bath and beach towels for a fraction of the price at the store. 

As mentioned above, they do occasionally hold promotions so it is important to keep your eye out for the offers that are going to be the most beneficial for you.

Absorbency - according to the reviews of several customers, these towels were not as absorbent as they were expecting them to be. However, depending on how you intend to use your towel (i.e as a blanket or a wrap), this may not be a huge concern.

Reliability - some customers experienced issues when it came to receiving their orders. Should you experience problems of a similar nature, you may contact the company.

What Other Products Do Teema Towels Offer?

As touched upon previously, the brand also makes blankets. They are more expensive than the towels, however, they are considerably larger. Just like the towels, the blankets are available in different colors, but they are slightly more neutral and the patterns are also more subtle.

Just like the rest of their products, the blankets are made from highly absorbent Turkish cotton. The more that they are used, the softer they become.

Furthermore, the versatility of these blankets means that they can be used in the home or you can take it with you on an outing to the beach.

Final Thoughts

There are many things to rave about when discussing Teema Towels. Not only do they have an endless selection of towels available, but they offer an assortment of blankets too. There is also a pattern and color to cater to different customers' preferences.

Whilst they retail at a rather high price, some may feel that this is a worthy expense because of the quality of the product that they will receive in return.