Adelante Shoe Co. Review

Are you sick of buying poor quality shoes that don’t quite fit properly and only last a couple of years?

With a move towards sustainable fashionable choices, the mass consumption of shoes is becoming increasingly unpopular. Instead, more people are moving towards sustainable and ethical options made from high quality materials that are reusable and last a lifetime.

Adelante Shoe Co. is a progressive brand leading in the area of sustainable shoes. Made from high quality leather and handcrafted in Guatemala, each shoe is designed for superior comfort and to last a lifetime. 

Overview Of Adelante Shoe Co.

Adelante Shoe Co. offers custom nubuck leather shoes handcrafted in Guatemala by expert artisans. Adelante Shoe Co. was founded to bring economic security to the people of Guatemala.

They strived to create jobs for people that would enable them to earn enough to live well and to support their families.

The goal was to help to achieve sustainable economic development. With a meaningful purpose, it’s only right that the same standard applies to the quality of the shoes produced.

Adelante Shoe Co. holds itself as producing an exceptional product in line with other high quality footwear in the market. They not only offer custom shoes, but they also offer full personalization within 10 days as well as connect with the customer throughout the production process.

Adelante Shoe Co. was founded in 2016 and is based in Boston, Massachusetts, Adelante Shoe Co. offers a selection of comfortable and elegant handmade shoes for men and women for all occasions. From boots and heels to sandals and mules.

What’s So Great About Adelante Shoes?


Adelante shoes are made from nubuck leather. This type of leather helps to give the shoes a soft and velvety finish for an elegant and stylish finish. Unlike leather, nubuck leather is made from calfskin. The hide is sanded to help give it a more napped and velvety finish.

Unlike suede, nubuck leather also includes the outside of the hide being used which helps to make it more durable than suede.

Nubuck is a top-grain leather making it a high quality material for use. Nubuck offers a textured bristle and soft, light finish which gives Adelante shoes a great look and feel in comparison to other leather shoes.

The soles and midsoles of the shoes are made from vegetable tanned leather. Vegetable tanned leather stands to be a more sustainable option as the company sources the vegetable tan from local tanneries with verified environmental sustainability certifications.

Vegetable tanned leather is also a safer option as it is considered safer than other tans as it is less toxic.

Adelante Shoe Co. Review


Custom made from the highest quality leather, Adelante shoes are designed for ultimate comfort. Each pair of shoes includes a cushioned insole for comfortable and secure wear.

There’s nothing worse than a shoe that keeps slipping as you walk. Each pair of Adelante shoes are made to measure to ensure they fit like a glove for added comfort.


Not only are Adelante shoes made from superior leather, but each pair of Adelante shoes is also handcrafted by real people with a story.

Made in a single factory, each shoe is made by an expert artisan from Guatemala. Each cobbler has learned and refined their craftsmanship and works to design shoes that last a lifetime.

Each shoe is made with specifications and customizations to suit the customer, this type of modification requires a high level of skill. This level of quality and craftsmanship justifies the price of the products.


Adelante Shoes Co. offers customers shoes made to order. This includes any modifications of size, color, and style.

If you are not sure about your size, they offer a virtual fitting with a fitting connoisseur to ensure that your shoes fit perfectly. They also offer a wide range of shoes, boots, and moccasins to choose from.

Are Adelante Shoes Co. A Good Company?

Fair Pay

At Adelante Shoe Co. all employees are paid above the living well line. The company aims to pay its employees well to ensure that they live well and support their families.

The pay grade is in consideration of each individual’s community and their livelihood. Its mission is to increase economic opportunity within underprivileged communities in Latin America.

Each craftsman at Adelante Shoe Co. earns about 75% above the market rate. Their wage helps to provide access to reliable healthcare. Education, food, and generally support their families.


Adelante Shoe Co. adds a personal touch with each shoebox containing a picture of the craftsman who made the pair of shoes and a little bit of information about them. This creates a connection between craftsman and customer.

This helps to give the customer more clarity on where their shoes have come from and the hard work and craftsman put in to make it for them.

Adelante Shoe Co. aims to provide continual communication between cobbler and customer to provide updates to the customers throughout the production process with photos and videos. This enables customers to see the positive impact of their purchase.

The area in which Adelante finds its employees was once an area popular for shoemaking, however, due to its economy, this trade diminished. Adelante has now offered people the opportunity to work in a trade they love and to be able to live well and support their families.

Adelante is not only transparent about their employees and where their shoes come from, they are equally as transparent about how their shoes are made and the wages and wellbeing of their employees.

All of the data and information on each area is documented in a yearly impact report viewable by all. This helps to reassure customers that the products they receive come from a good place and are made by people who are being treated fairly.


Adelante shoes are made to last. Using superior quality material and made by expert craftsmen, Adelante shoes are designed for longevity.

Each pair of shoes is resoleable to ensure continual use and a reduction of the production of waste from shoes reaching landfills. If cared for in the right way, Adelante shoes can last a lifetime.

Crafted by hand, Adelante shoes involve a production that emits little CO2 and therefore has a smaller carbon footprint compared to machine produced footwear. This process ensures that there is as little impact on the environment as possible.

Adelante Shoes Co. operates a single factory in Pastores, Guatemala with a handful of craftsmen and women. Each craftsman produces custom made shoes.

Making shoes to measure helps to eliminate excess inventory and ultimately contributes to reducing the total amount of waste reduced.

How Do I Care For Adelante Shoes?

Adelante shoes are an investment and they require more intricate care than other shoes if you want them to last. The first step of caring for Adelante shoes is waterproofing them. This will ensure that they aren’t damaged by any drops of rain.

Another way to really keep them looking new is to clean and condition them. Cleaning them regularly helps to prevent wear and scuffing, whilst conditioning will help to apply moisture to the material to keep it fresh. It’s advised that Adelante shoes are conditioned monthly.

Whilst Adelante shoes require some care, the process is quick and worth it to ensure longevity.

Are Adelante Shoes Worth It?

Like all shoes, constant wear will lead to slight erosion of the sole and heel cap. However, Adelante shoes are made to last and contain and are resoleable.

If you find that the rubber sole and heel cap are becoming visibly noticeable, take them to a cobbler and they will be as good as new.

Unlike most shoes, Adelante shoes are an investment, following the care process and getting an ‘MOT’ for your shoes when needed will ensure that they last a lifetime! They are worth it if you’re looking for a comfortable and reliable pair of shoes for life.

They are also a great alternative to shoes made from lower quality materials or mass produced footwear as they have the added benefit of using nubuck leather for a superior stylish look and feel as well as customizability to ensure you experience ultimate comfort.

Final Thoughts

Whilst Adelante shoes require a little extra love and care, the process is worth it with the results of comfortable and perfectly fitting shoes you can rely on. Adelante Shoe Co. provides full transparency and communication with customers to share the impact of their purchase.

So, if you’re tired of looking for shoes that fit properly and last a long time, Adelante shoes may be the right shoe for you. Not only do they offer comfortable and well designed handcrafted shoes, but they also offer a story.

Each shoe is made by a talented craftsman who has taken into account every intricate detail of your shoe. Adelante Shoe Co. help to bring high quality and sustainable shoes to the US to promote the move away from fast fashion and the disposability of footwear.