Vive Organic Immunity Boost Review

Chances are you’ve seen the ads for wellness shots. Packed full of essential nutrients, wellness shots boost your immune system helping you stay healthy.

With ingredients like elderberry, turmeric, passion fruit, and others, you can improve your overall health without buying superfoods at the grocery store.

Wellness shots are a convenient and cost-effective way to ensure you are getting the right nutrients.

But how do you know which wellness shots are effective? You have multiple options, and not all are formulated the same.

To help you stay healthy and active, we’ve found the perfect organic wellness shot. Here is the Vive Organic Immunity Boost Review:

Made by the national leaders in wellness drinks, award-winning Vive Organics is working to boost consumers’ overall health.

The company’s wellness shots are the recipient of BevNet, Lux Life, Taste for Life, and other awards, giving you confidence in the product.


Vive wellness shots are crafted by a team of holistic doctors with a combined eighty years of experience in the field. You get a powerful blend of superfoods in every shot for complete immunity support.

The wellness shots are all-natural and 100% organic. Manufactured in the U.S., Vive organic immunity boost is GMO and gluten-free. It is kosher-friendly and 100% derived from plants.

The wellness shots are designed to fit with any dietary preferences.

You get one of the most powerful formulas on the market every time you add a wellness shot to your daily diet.

The organic ingredients are sourced from sustainable farms. Each shot does something positive for your body while having a minimal effect on the environment.

With ingredients that include cold-pressed elderberry, black pepper, Hawaiian turmeric root, and Peruvian ginger root, you can boost your metabolism and improve your overall health.

Immunity Boost Review

With 12,000 mg of turmeric and 30,000 mg of ginger, your immune system gets the boost it needs to fight off colds and other viruses.

The wellness shots are free from added sugar and artificial flavorings, all you get are the powerful superfoods.

You get 12 2 oz shots in each package, giving you enough for almost two weeks.


  • A powerful blend of superfoods
  • Effectively boosts your immune system
  • 100% natural and organic with zero added sugar
  • Award-winning formula created by holistic doctors
  • Organic and ethically sourced ingredients


  • The wellness shots have a short shelf life and can spoil before the package is finished.

Wellness Shots Buying Guide

Whether you are shopping online or in the store, the sheer number of wellness shot options is overwhelming.

Before you grab a product that may not give you the results you want, here are a few things to look for in wellness shots.


Wellness shots are priced higher than your favorite sodas and sugar-rich fruit juice, and there’s a good reason for the cost.

Wellness shots are formulated to provide you with noticeable health benefits.

You can find affordable and effective wellness shots are lower prices. You may have to give up the attractive packaging, but you aren’t buying the product for its tasteful design. What matters are the ingredients inside.

Wellness shots are less expensive packaged in plastic bottles. It can help you save some money, but there are downsides.

Plastics can contain polycarbonates and are not environmentally friendly like glass.


Immunity Boost Review

Before you purchase wellness shots, make sure you know the ingredients. You want supplemental drinks made with simple, natural ingredients. You want to avoid products with added sugar and artificial flavorings.

If the product is not all-natural and organic, you want to find a different one.

Look for wellness shots with turmeric, pepper, and elderberry, to name a few, when you want a supplement to boost your immune system.

Manufacturing Process

Look for wellness supplemental shots with sustainably sourced organic ingredients. Wellness shots made from cold-pressed juices naturally have more essential vitamins and minerals than products manufactured using heat.

Cold-pressing allows the nutrients to remain in the roots and fruits. It also produces a better flavor, so you want to drink the juice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Wellness Shots Do Anything?

Wellness shots do not replace regular nutritious meals, and the juice does not replace traditional medicine.

With that being said, the supplemental juice does supply you with the essential vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy.

How Often Should You Drink Wellness Shots?

How often you drink wellness shots depends on a few factors. You want to keep it around two or four ounces a day. Since most wellness juices come in two-ounce bottles, it’s easy to keep track of how much you consume.

One tip to remember if you drink more than one two-ounce bottle a day you will be spending more on health supplements.

Do Wellness Shots Make You Lose Weight?

There is no scientific evidence supporting any claims wellness shots help with weight loss. The supplemental beverages are designed to support your immune system.

Depending on the ingredients, wellness shots may also reduce inflammation.

You may feel fuller temporarily, after drinking the two-ounce shot, but it is not a replacement for your usual meal.

Can I Take Wellness Shots on an Empty Stomach?

Wellness shots containing ginger can be taken on an empty stomach. The ginger helps neutralize stomach acid, so the juice absorbs faster.

If you are taking wellness shots on an empty stomach, limit it to one serving.

Do Wellness Shots Need Refrigeration?

Most wellness shots do not require refrigeration, but it’s a good idea to check the packaging. If the supplemental drinks are refrigerated in the store, but it’s a good indication you need to keep the liquid cold at home.

Wellness drinks also have an expiration date, and it might be sooner than you think. Remember, these supplemental beverages are made from natural ingredients and do not have preservatives. It dramatically shortens their shelf lives.

When you’re stocking up on wellness drinks, it’s a good idea to stick with a two-week supply. This way, you don’t have to worry about the natural juice spoiling.

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