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Is J Crew Fast Fashion?

The sustainable fashion movement has been growing larger in the past decade, with thousands if not millions of eco-conscious shoppers around the world taking this factor into account when buying from certain brands. This issue is many clothing brands can be considered fast fashion brands, which are usually the most unsustainable brands that you can …

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Is H&M Ethical?

H&M is the second biggest clothing retailer in the world therefore it has a lot of power and impact on the planet. H&M have received a lot of criticism over the years for various elements of their ethics including labour, environmental impact, animal welfare and their fast fashion approach to marketing and sales. However, when …

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How Is Silk Made?

Created for thousands of years, silk is still one of the most revered and recognized fabrics known today. Despite being made for centuries, not much has changed regarding silk creation. Advanced technology has made some fabric production methods easier, but silk still takes a lot of hard work to produce. We’ll cover how silk is …

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