The Best Vegan Restaurants In Las Vegas: Five Options

Vegan restaurants in Las Vegas

Vegan restaurants in Las Vegas. If you’re a vegan or someone who likes to eat vegan food from time to time, you’ll be happy to know that there are many great restaurants in Las Vegas where you can get an amazing plant-based meal. Eating at a vegan restaurant once in a while is good for your health and helps protect the environment. This article will tell you about the best places to eat vegan food in Las Vegas.

Vegan restaurants in Las Vegas

Tacotarian Vegan Restaurants In Las Vegas

A new vegan taco chain has opened in Las Vegas, and the creators of Tacotarian claim to have the world's largest selection. The vegan taco chain currently operates three locations in Las Vegas, offering more than a dozen different kinds of vegan tacos and even vegan ice cream desserts. 

One of its downtown locations also serves margaritas and cocktails and has weekend brunch options. The founders also co-founded LOCO Las Vegas, a restaurant cooperative comprised of partner restaurants from all over the city.

Another new location for the brand is in San Diego, which will open in the same neighborhood as the one in Las Vegas. It will take over the space that once housed Chicago Not Dogs and The Modern Vegan.

The new location will have a standout black and white bar and will feature teal accents, hanging plants, and a full liquor license. Tacotarian's San Diego location will also feature full liquor license and will serve the same menu.

The Las Vegas restaurant chain plans to add another location in Henderson, Nevada, in June 2021. The Henderson location will have similar offerings to the other locations, including a patio. Corral also has plans to open a Tacotarian in Northwest Las Vegas and is exploring markets in neighboring states. 

While these plans are still in the early stages, the company is already receiving investment attention from investors and hopes to expand throughout the United States.

The original location opened in summer 2018 and has since expanded to three locations. Tacotarian focuses on veganized versions of classic Mexican dishes, including mushroom asada, seitan al pastor, and ripe plantains in mole.

Its other specialties include margarita flights, craft beers, and vegan wine. Tacotarian also offers horchata ice coffee and deep-fried oreos.

Vegan restaurants in Las Vegas

Veggie House In Las Vegas

The Veggie House is a vegetarian-friendly restaurant in Chinatown that offers a diverse selection of Chinese food. The restaurant, which opened in 2012, specializes in converting traditional dishes to be meatless.

Some of the menu items include veggie beef and fish, tofu-packed dishes, and even curry duck. You can even order a vegan breakfast, and you'll enjoy your meal without a single drop of animal product.

Veggie House has two locations, one in Downtown Las Vegas, and one in the Mirage. Each one offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner specialties. Breakfast is served all day long, and you can even enjoy dessert here.

Breakfast items include a tofurkey sandwich, pancakes, and French toast. Lunch and dinner are served daily, as well. You can also order one of the many juices.

For dinner, the Veggie House offers a vegan version of classic Italian fare.

The restaurant features a separate menu for vegans, and guests can make their own bowl with spaghetti, zucchini noodles, and plant-based sauces. Other options include a vegan burger, a salad, and a side salad. While you're in Vegas, you can also eat in an Italian restaurant, which has a vegetarian option for all of its dishes.

Located on Spring Mountain Road, this restaurant features delicious meals. For vegans on the go, the Veggie House also offers free wifi and a convenient pick-up service. If you're traveling by car, the Veggie House offers plenty of parking for patrons, as well as a bicycle-friendly area outside the restaurant. Its menu is available 24/7, and the Veggie House is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Vegan restaurants in Las Vegas

Graze Kitchen Vegan Restaurants In Las Vegas

The concept behind Graze Kitchen is a playful take on Mexican cuisine. The menu changes daily, and each dish features a seasonal, local twist. I had the Cauli Chorizo Torta, which was stuffed with housemade cauliflower chorizo, avocado, refried beans, and lettuce.

The combination was delicious, and I loved the colorful presentation and nutty flavor.

Graze Kitchen is the latest project by John and Tabitha Simmons, the same people behind the award-winning Tacos & Beer and Firefly.

The name of the restaurant came about through a pandemic - Tabitha Simmons met Amelia Cooper while on a lockdown and asked if she'd like to open a vegan restaurant. She agreed and Graze Kitchen was born.

The restaurant is located in Southwest Las Vegas, and the cuisine will be infused with Cooper's signature comfort food style.

Vegan restaurants in Las Vegas

Crossroads Kitchen Vegan Restaurants In Las Vegas

The upscale LA restaurant Crossroads Kitchen is set to open its first plant-based restaurant in Las Vegas on May 28. Under the direction of founder and executive chef Tal Ronnen, the new restaurant will feature innovative plant-based dishes that are sure to delight guests.

The menu will include some of the best-known dishes from its flagship location, including house-made pasta and a variety of specialties designed to attract a wide range of patrons.

Crossroads Kitchen is a fine-dining vegan restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip. Though the Vegas Strip has been buzzing with vegan restaurants for several years, Crossroads is a relatively new addition. In 2020, Truth & Tonic, a wellness spa, will open in the Venetian Resort.

It will serve vegan options such as JUST Egg scrambles, soyrizo-filled tacos, and vegan chicken avocado wraps.

In addition to its upscale dinner service, Crossroads in Las Vegas will offer a range of options for the plant-based diet, including a variety of salads, sandwiches, and desserts.

The restaurant will feature daily specials and offers a variety of vegan and flexitarian dishes. Another new concept is Crossroads Burgers, which will offer plant-based burgers, homemade sausages, milkshakes, and fries. The upscale menu offers both sit-in and take-out options.

The new location of Crossroads Kitchen is reminiscent of its original Los Angeles location, but features a Mediterranean-inspired menu that combines Mediterranean flavors with American favorites.

The menu includes pasta, pizzas, and desserts, as well as some items that are unique to the Las Vegas location. It also features seasonal seven-course tasting menus for diners to enjoy as they dine.

Las Vegas

Veggie Inn Restaurants In Las Vegas

The Veggie Inn is a plant-based paradise with a menu filled with salads, sandwiches, and other options. The restaurant also features a raw salad bar and a made-to-order menu with a wide variety of salad choices and fresh pressed juices. Some of the highlights of the menu include raw tacos, mock chicken lettuce wraps, and zucchini pasta. Guests can also order vegan burgers and side salads.

If you're looking for an Asian-inspired dining experience, the Veggie House in Las Vegas has a number of options. You can try vegan sushi rolls and a Hunan pork bowl, or indulge in a vegan-friendly Wynn Burger with cheese. You can also get a chocolate shake.

If you prefer a steak, try the Steakhouse at Wynn, which has a well-known steakhouse. You can also order a vegan-friendly option, like organic maitake mushrooms with white bean puree and a rosemary balsamic glaze.

Another great place to get vegan Chinese food is the Veggie House in Chinatown. This place has over 800 positive Yelp reviews and a four-and-a-half-star rating. The Veggie House also offers takeout and delivery, and you can order online for delivery or pick-up. You can also get your food delivered to your home. If you're on a budget, the Veggie House is one of the best vegan restaurants in Las Vegas.

VeggiEat is another great place for vegans in Las Vegas. Located in the Asian Market near the Boulevard Mall, VeggiEat offers Asian-fusion vegan food. Vegan options include pho, stir fry, veggie mac and cheese balls, and bao buns. The restaurant also offers a lunch menu. The staff is friendly and attentive. The restaurant also offers vegan options of popular dishes.


Vegas is still a largely carnivorous city -- and one of the best places to go carnivorous is the best place to grab a meat- and dairy-free option.

While you can find a small handful of exclusively vegan spots scattered throughout the strip and beyond, there's no way to cover all vegan spots in the city in one post.

We went in search of the best vegan restaurants in Vegas, with a few additional tips on how you can find great vegan options while staying on your healthy eating regimen.

To follow along, check out our ranking of the top vegan restaurants in each of the following categories. From vegan-friendly buffets to light-fare sandwiches, vegan options are plentiful in these five top spots in the city of Sin City.

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