Natural Remedies For Pink Eye

Natural Remedies For Pink Eye. If you're in the midst of a case of pink eye, you may have tried a variety of over-the-counter treatments and natural remedies. For starters, you could try a black tea bag as an eye drop.

You should simply cool it to body temperature and hold it over your closed eyes for two to five minutes. Apply the tea bag to your eyes twice a day, preferably before bed. This remedy is effective at home or in the workplace, and can relieve the redness and inflammation of infected eyes.

Natural Remedies For Pink Eye

Calendula ointments relieve inflammation

A calendula ointment can be made at home by boiling the petals in a cup with a saucer. Strain the flower juice and steep it for fifteen to twenty minutes. Then strain it through a coffee filter.

The oil should be clear and you can apply it to the affected eye. If you don't want to use an ointment, you can also ingest calendula flower petals.

Natural Remedies For Pink Eye

Rosewater reduces redness

One of the first steps in treating pink eye is to remove any foreign object from your eye. Rose water is a natural solution that contains essential vitamins and nutrients. However, it should be noted that rosewater alone will not cure the condition.

It is necessary to see a doctor if the condition persists. To minimize the infection, avoid rubbing the eyes. You can also apply rosewater to your eyelids for relief.

Natural Remedies For Pink Eye

Coconut oil reduces inflammation

The use of coconut oil has been proven effective in fighting pink eye. Its anti-inflammatory properties and immune-boosting effects have made it a popular natural remedy for pink eye.

Coconut oil is readily available in stores and can be applied topically to the affected eye. However, it should not be taken orally, as it may cause temporary cloudiness of the eyes. Before using coconut oil for pink eye, consult your physician.

Natural Remedies For Pink Eye

Cucumber reduces redness

Whether you have a cucumber allergy or not, cucumber can significantly reduce the redness and inflammation of your pink eye. To minimize the risk of allergy, you can do a patch test on your eyes first.

If you do have a cucumber allergy, make sure to wash it thoroughly before applying it to your eyes. Cucumbers have soothing properties that help reduce the appearance of red eyes and blemishes.

Natural Remedies For Pink Eye

Cilantro is a natural remedy for conjunctivitis

Cilantro is an old-school natural remedy for pink eye. Its soothing effect helps reduce inflammation and soothes the eye. Cilantro juice is very soothing for the eyes and can be applied directly to the eyelids. 

The herb is also effective in treating inflammation and the associated discharge. Cilantro can be used topically in the form of a compress to alleviate puffiness under the eyelids and revive tired eyes.

Natural Remedies For Pink Eye

Tea bags are a soothing remedy

Tea bags are a soothing remedy for pink eyes and dark circles. They reduce inflammation and blood circulation. The tea bags should be cold and used a new one each time. If you have chronic eye puffiness, consult a doctor.

A small amount of honey on the affected eye is also an effective remedy. It has antimicrobial properties. Adding a little honey to the tea bag may help reduce the swelling.

Manuka honey

There are several benefits to using Manuka honey for pink eye, and it is also known as a natural antibiotic. Its use for infection dates back as far as 2000 B.C., and it has been used for many things from bed sores to burns. 

Honey has antibacterial properties due to the high sugar content and low pH, but Manuka honey is unique because it has a compound called UMF, or unique Manuka Factor. This compound is responsible for its potent antibacterial action.

Natural Remedies For Pink Eye

Black tea

One of the best ways to relieve the irritation and inflammation associated with pink eye is through the application of calendula ointments. They are especially effective in treating radiation dermatitis that often happens with cancer treatments.

Applying a poultice made of half a cup of honey and one tablespoon of black tea will help relieve the redness and inflammation. Ideally, the poultice should be applied to the affected eye two to three times per day.

Remedies For Pink Eye


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