Dos and Donts of Growing Cherry Tomatoes in Pots

growing cherry tomatoes in pots

There are few things in life more rewarding than growing your own fruit and veg. Today we will be talking about the do’s and don’ts of growing cherry tomatoes in pots. If you are brand new to growing your own veg then this post is for you as growing cherry tomatoes is relatively easy to follow, even for novice gardeners.

There are several important tips to follow when growing cherry tomatoes in pots.

First off, they should be planted in sunny spots so they get plenty of sunlight. The plants can also get overcrowded and need trellis support if they are too small. To ensure their success, you must prune them to remove the unwanted load.

Pruning removes unnecessary load from the tomato plants

Pruning is an important part of growing plants, particularly cherry tomatoes, and helps them grow larger and produce more yield. By removing the lower leaves, you encourage the plants to use their nutrients to produce fruit, resulting in greater yields and tastier tomatoes.

Pruning cherry tomato plants is best done on indeterminate types, but any variety of cherry tomatoes can benefit from it. Pruning aims to remove the main stem suckers, which grow at the junction of the main stem and the leaf stem and convert nutrients to foliage.

To get the best possible results, you should experiment with different varieties to find which ones need to be pruned. Seed suppliers can provide you with detailed information. For example, some varieties need suckers on the ground, while others don’t.

It’s also important not to over-prune because too much pruning can cause reduced yields and a range of other problems, such as blossom end rot and catfacing.

Moreover, pruning too much can lead to the formation of large, unwanted suckers that may damage the plant.

Planting cherry tomatoes in pots can cause overcrowding

While growing cherry tomatoes in containers is relatively simple, you need to remember that there are a few things to keep in mind to avoid overcrowding. One of these is not enough space.

A plant needs about one-quarter of an inch of room to grow. Overcrowding can lead to poor air circulation and diseases, such as early blight. To keep your cherry tomatoes healthy and happy, plant only one tomato plant per pot.

A center stake can be used to support the plant if you plan to grow the plant taller than the pot’s depth. Tying a piece of gardening twine around the center stem can also provide support. Remember to leave room for future growth, as tomatoes can grow quite large! It’s best to plant cherry tomatoes in pots when they’re small. This way, you can keep them at a manageable height.

Watering cherry tomatoes

Whether you’re using a small grow bag or a large pot, watering cherry tomatoes in pots is important. While the plant is grown in a container, nutrients are often leaked from the potting soil. To prevent this, you should fertilize your container plants every two weeks with water-soluble vegetable fertilizer. With proper care, your cherry tomato plant should be producing delicious cherries in about eight weeks.

To make the most of your tomatoes, choose a pot with drainage holes for the roots. Tomatoes like to be watered every day, especially on hot days. Ideally, water cherry tomatoes daily. For fertilization, a 20-20-20 fertilizer is sufficient. You can also purchase specific tomato fertilizer. If your tomato plant is determinate, it will produce fruit all at once. Otherwise, it will ripen one cherry tomato at a time.

Common mistakes to make when growing cherry tomatoes in pots

One of the most important things to remember when growing cherry tomatoes in pots is to water them properly. The soil you choose for them should be well-draining, and they should have consistent moisture levels. Watering them too much can cause them to suffer from blossom-end rot.

To determine if the soil is dry, you can poke your finger into it near the edge of the pot. It should feel moist, but not soggy. Cherry tomatoes thrive in 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, but they will not flower or fruit if they are kept indoors.

Don’t Let The PLant Overgrow Its Pot

Tomato plants should not be overcrowded. The soil should be at least two-thirds of the plant’s total length. Don’t let the plant overgrow its pot. Don’t allow the plants to grow so tall that they end up leaning against the sides of the pot.

The top third should remain free of stems. You can prune the stems to a single stem, or add one or two more for a larger pot. Tomato plants don’t have sturdy roots, so they will need a strong one to stand upright.

Final Thoughts On Growing Cherry Tomatoes in Pots

There are many reasons to grow cherry tomatoes. In addition to being delicious, these plants are very good for your health. Many types of these plants don’t need to be overwintered and are ready to harvest in one growing season.


They can be susceptible to disease and pests, such as verticillium wilt and tomato hornworms, but good garden practices can minimize these issues. Regardless of your reason, you’ll find growing these delicious fruits very rewarding.

Many people believe that cherry tomatoes are superb if you’re on a health kick or diet. One hundred grams of cherry tomatoes contains only 30 calories, and they do not contain harmful cholesterol or fatty acids. Moreover, cherry tomatoes are full of vitamin A, which can make your skin glow and prevent hair fallout.

Cherry tomatoes break the common myth that acid-free foods lack flavor. Cherry tomatoes contain vitamins A and C, phosphorus, and Vitamin B6.

If you’re serious about growing your own cherry tomatoes in pots then just follow the steps outlined in this post and head over to youtube. Loads of fantastic videos on the subject from some amazing gardeners.

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