Best Vegan Restaurants in Atlanta: A Guide to Eating Healthy on the Road

best vegan restaurants in atlanta

Looking for the best vegan restaurants in Atlanta? You’ll find healthy, unprocessed plant-based food at almost all of these leading eateries. Many are fast casual with counter ordering to streamline your meal time.

Newer spots like Soul Vine and Native Foods have opened in recent years to meet growing demand.

Whether you follow a specific diet or just want to cut back on meat and dairy, these veg-friendly restaurants will leave you feeling satisfied without sacrificing flavor.

SluttyVegan Vegan Restaurant in Atlanta

best vegan restaurants in atlanta

The SluttyVegan vegan restaurant in Atlanta is Atlanta's latest trendy hot spot. This vegetarian eatery opened its first location in October 2018, and has already been named a favorite of both Shaquille O'Neil and Tyler Perry.

The restaurant has received a $25 million Series A funding round from social commerce mogul Richelieu Denni and his New Voices Fund. It plans to open 10 more locations by 2023.

The vegan restaurant is run by Pinky Cole, who also owns two food trucks. In addition to Atlanta's Edgewood neighborhood, Cole hopes to expand her business nationwide.

She hopes to open a chain of Slutty Vegan restaurants and sell branded merchandise, such as T-shirts. In addition to vegan food, she is developing Slutty Strips vegan bacon. Her mission is to serve delicious food to the Atlanta community while helping the planet.

While Slutty Vegan is located in Atlanta, the original truck opened in Jonesboro, Arkansas. The food truck was a success, and now Cole is expanding the brand into an empire.

The Atlanta outpost is set to open at 690 Fulton Street. The concept of the food truck began as a mobile delivery business, and Cole aimed to be a ghost kitchen. After all, Atlanta had no vegan restaurants open after 9pm.

The restaurant uses word-of-mouth and social media to promote itself.

Good As Burgers Vegan Restaurant in Atlanta

best vegan restaurants in atlanta

For those looking for a quick, healthy lunch or dinner, Good As Burgers in Atlanta is worth a visit. This restaurant was founded in 2020, so you can expect to find a range of options.

Customers rave about the Double OG burger, sloppy joe fries, and strawberry cheesecake slices, among others. There's also a plant-based pizza joint, which is a favorite among Atlanta-area vegans.

Owner Zachary "Big Zak" Wallace is a music business vet who cares deeply about creating healthier food options for the people of the city. The restaurant is named after musicians from Atlanta.

Signature items include jackfruit "pulled BBQ" sandwiches, 3 Stack cauliflower tacos, and a thin-crust vegan pizza. The chef even has a rap interlude on DJ Greg Street's radio show.

VeGreen Vegan Restaurant in Atlanta

best vegan restaurants in atlanta

There are plenty of VeGreen vegan restaurants in Atlanta, Georgia, to choose from. The Asian Fusion-inspired restaurant serves up tasty plant-based dishes, including tofu, sushi, and mock meats.

The menu is also full of vegan-friendly desserts, like cookies and cakes. VeGreen also offers meal plans and catering. In addition to offering vegan-friendly options, the restaurant also has many pescetarian and non-vegetarian choices.

One of Atlanta's most popular restaurants serves all-vegan dishes, including the popular cinnamon roll. The deli, which offers both cold and hot options, also features a vegetarian brunch bar. The café also offers a wide range of organic beverages.

VeGreen's eclectic menu is complemented by vegan burgers. 

Life Bistro

best vegan restaurants in atlanta

If you are interested in trying out new cuisine, consider visiting Life Bistro. The Atlanta restaurant is the first fine-dining establishment in Atlanta devoted solely to vegan cuisine.

You can get alkaline-friendly shots or cold-pressed juices at the juice bar. This restaurant is centered on nutritious foods and supports an alkaline diet. The food at Life Bistro is seasoned to perfection.

A little further out from downtown Atlanta is the Black community's vegan restaurant, GAS Food Truck. Run by Jef Fleming and Kelli Marshall, this restaurant quickly gained popularity due to its stoner theme and tasty vegan menu items.

The menu features burgers with vegan cheese sauce and veggie fries. Life Bistro is a must-stop for any vegan foodie. Other great vegan burger restaurants in Atlanta include YEAH! Burger and Grindhouse Killer Burgers.

This Atlanta restaurant is known for its healthy cuisine. Their menu includes salads, smoothies, and acai bowls. Life Bistro also offers a rare variety of vegan wines.

The food is also delicious, and you can expect excellent service from the staff. It is one of the best vegan restaurants in Atlanta and can be found throughout Georgia.

But if you are not a vegan, you can always try the other Atlanta restaurants in the city.

Plant Based Pizzeria

Restaurant in Atlanta

Easygoing, counter-serve style restaurant specializing in plant-based foods. Featuring a diverse selection of pizza, pasta, and salads, this Atlanta-based eatery caters to vegetarian and vegan diners alike.

Featuring fresh, delicious plant-based meals, this is a vegan-friendly, wholesome option for an afternoon or evening meal. While there aren't many choices for vegetarians and vegans in Atlanta, this upscale plant-based eatery will fit into any meal.

The Plant Based Pizzeria in Atlanta is a 100% vegan eatery that offers a diverse menu of food including vegan flatbreads, calzones, burgers, and pizzas. Their Georgia Peach Pie is an excellent example of a vegan pizza and comes with a tasty roasted basil pizza sauce.

There are vegan mozzarella and spicy Beyond sausage on the menu, as well as a dessert menu. The restaurant doesn't use soy in any of its menu items and sources the finest and freshest ingredients.

Located in East Point, the Plant Based Pizzeria is one of Atlanta's most popular vegan restaurants. The menu includes Georgia Peach Pizza, roasted peach, and vegan sausage.

Despite its casual atmosphere, the menu also features comforting raw/vegan dishes like Zucchini Lasagna. Located near the Freedom Park Trail, this restaurant offers plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans alike.

Gregory's Atlanta Vegan Breakfast

Vegan Breakfast

If you're looking for an all-vegan Atlanta restaurant, you've probably heard of Gregory's Atlanta Vegan Breakfast. The restaurant is a popular spot for those who are trying to incorporate more plant-based food into their diets.

Its menu features vegan southern buttermilk biscuits, acai smoothie bowls, and other delicious options. In addition to a vegan breakfast, Gregory's Atlanta also serves freshly-pressed juice and tasty iced coffee.

The all-vegan menu changes often, but the Smokehouse BBQ, Fried Shrimp Bacon Cheeseburger, and Shrimp Baskets are some of the more popular items on the menu.

Dupri's favorite dish is the Shrimp Baskets, which is served until 1 pm. It's not only a great breakfast spot, but it is also a great spot to start the day.

In addition to vegan breakfasts, Go Vegan Grill is open until 1 pm, so you can get a meal in before the workday begins.


Atlanta is home to a lot of great vegan restaurants. You could spend all day trying to figure out the best vegan restaurants in Atlanta because there are so many great options.

The best way to do it is to go to the places that have consistently good ratings on Yelp and Google, or find someone who has been there before or have heard about it.

Once you find one, you can make your way there for dinner and see what the fuss is all about.

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