5 Best Vegan Restaurants in Washington DC

Best Vegan Restaurants in Washington DC

Best Vegan Restaurants in Washington DC. Veganism is on the rise. This way of eating is not only great for your body, but also good for the planet. Thankfully, today’s vegans don’t have to rely solely on salad to get their protein fix.

In fact, there are many amazing vegan restaurants in Washington DC that serve up plant-based foods so scrumptious, you won’t even miss the meat or dairy.

These days, it seems like more and more fast food chains are beginning to offer vegetarian options instead of just vegan ones. However, there are still several fantastic establishments where you can get a wholesome plant-based meal without having to ask for special accommodations. Here are some of our favorites:

Ambar Vegan Restaurants in Washington DC

Best Vegan Restaurants in Washington DC

The D.C. area is full of plant-based restaurants of varying personality. You'll find upscale tasting menus, comfort food, and massive fast-casual chains. Bethesda's Planta is ultra-chic, and Sticky Fingers Diner has recently undergone a complete rebranding.

There are also plenty of quality vegan eateries in Dupont, including DC Vegan, which recently reopened after a rebranding.

Ambar is located in the Eastern Market, a vibrant neighborhood just north of Capitol Hill and close to other trendy restaurants. 

The restaurant advertises itself as serving Balkan cuisine and is run by big-wig restaurateur Richard Sandoval. The menu features a mix of vegan and meat-based dishes that are sure to impress your taste buds.

Among the more popular options at Ambar are the vegan-friendly desserts, salads, and smoothies.

Chaia Tacos Vegan Restaurants in Washington DC

Best Vegan Restaurants in Washington DC

The new Chaia Tacos DC restaurant will focus on a plant-forward menu without any processed ingredients. The vegan restaurant is scheduled to open on Aug. 1 and will serve a takeout-friendly menu. 

The restaurant will feature seasonal, locally-sourced produce. Its takeout window will offer customers the option to purchase tacos or taco toppings for their home cooking. The restaurant will undergo some renovations.

In addition to its Chinatown and Georgetown locations, the DC-area eatery will open a pop-up shop in Bethesda. The menu will include vegan tacos and sweet potato hash. The Bethesda location will also serve its popular tacos and enchiladas, although they will not offer Beyond or Imposible style meat substitutes.

The DC location will also serve sides like black beans and sweet potato nachos.

Senbeb Vegan Restaurants in Washington DC

Best Vegan Restaurants in Washington DC

For many years, the world of vegan food lacked the visibility it now enjoys. Its gastronomic virtues did not always match its intentions. In the past, its lack of mainstream appeal discouraged producers and chefs from experimenting with new foods.

And because it fell into the hippie-dippie category, the term "vegan" was generally seen with a negative connotation. But that is all changing now. As the emergence of plant-based foods continues to gain more popularity and respect, Senbeb is one of the most successful DC vegan restaurants in the past few years.

Despite the popularity of meat and dairy products, there are plenty of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Washington DC. The city is home to many high-quality vegetarian and vegan eateries. There are even some restaurants that show off fruits and vegetables in their full glory.

The Fancy Radish on H Street offers charred baby beets and caramelized parsnips, while Elizabeth's Gone Raw, south of Logan Circle, offers caramelized parsnips. 

While some of the more popular vegan restaurants have meat alternatives, others tend to focus more on poser fare. Senbeb, Harmony Cafe, and NuVegan offer soy "crabcakes" and wheat-gluten "chick'n drummies."

Thai X-ing Vegan Restaurants in Washington DC

Best Vegan Restaurants in Washington DC

For the vegan and vegetarian in your life, you may want to consider visiting Thai X-ing vegan restaurant. This tiny Thai spot focuses on traditional Thai recipes. The vegan and vegetarian specialties on the menu include chef's choice items and chef's specials. 

Its friendly service and casual atmosphere make it a great option for a vegan or vegetarian dining experience. Here, you'll be able to find delicious dishes from all over Thailand.

The menu at both Thai X-ing and Vegan X-ing features five or seven courses, depending on the theme of the night. Although you can order a la carte at both restaurants, Thai X-ing is a good option for a date night with your significant other. 

The prices are reasonable, the staff is friendly and attentive, and you can bring your own wine for a $5 corkage fee.

One great thing about Thai X-ing is its flexibility and accessibility. You can bring your own wine or beer to sip as you enjoy your meal. 

The restaurant is also one of the few vegan restaurants in the city that allows you to bring your own alcohol. You can also order a pre-set menu that features five to seven dishes, according to the chef's whims.

Whether you want a simple appetizer or a five-course meal with a glass of Thai wine, Thai X-ing is the ideal place to try it.

Sticky Fingers Bakery

Best Vegan Restaurants in Washington DC

It's always good to have a vegan option in DC, and the latest news about this new DC-area restaurant is great news for vegetarians and vegans. Sticky Fingers has been named Best Bakery and Best Vegan Restaurant by the Washington City Paper, and its owner even won Cupcake Wars on the Food Network!

It's not just vegans who should go here, though: the restaurant's full menu includes dishes like vegan breakfast sandwiches and savory macaroni and cheese. And you can also get fair trade coffee and drinks from their fancy espresso machine.

The new location will serve breakfast, brunch and lunch, including delicious and healthy baked goods. Sticky Fingers Bakery has been a staple of the DC vegan community for more than a decade. 

It's no longer the basement location where it used to be; now it's a modern, upscale bistro restaurant with a full bar, tables for about twenty people, and even a restroom!

Vegan Breakfast


Veganism is trending and it's no wonder. It's a great way to reduce your impact on the environment, animals, and the health of our bodies. However, when it comes to dining out, it can be difficult to decide where to go.

It can also be expensive- sometimes out of the question. That's when we came up with this list of the best vegan restaurants in Washington DC. Whether you're on a budget or just looking for a great vegan meal, this list of top vegan restaurants will help you out.

Here are the top 5 vegan restaurants in Washington DC.

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