Is Blushmark Fast Fashion?

It’s no secret that fast fashion is one of the biggest contributors to pollution, unethical working conditions, and the use of unsustainable materials.

Unfortunately, fast fashion means cheap clothing, which is often the only option for people who can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on an outfit.

For people living in poverty or low-income households, fast fashion is their only source of clothing. 

For those who are conscious about not contributing to the ever-growing fast fashion industry, it’s always good to do your research about different brands.

Here’s the thing – not every clothing brand is a fast fashion company. 

Blushmark is a super-cheap and super-fast clothing app that is likened to Shein.

Thanks to the rise of TikTok and social media sponsorships, Blushmark has quickly become one of the most popular clothing apps in the world – which is impressive considering it was only founded in May 2020. 

If you’ve ever wondered “is Blushmark fast fashion?”, you’ve come to the right place. Here is everything you need to know about Blushmark and its position in the fast fashion industry!

What Is Fast Fashion?

To put it simply, fast fashion is a sector of the fashion industry that is committed to selling cheap clothes at a fast rate.

There are several reasons why some clothing brands are part of the fast fashion industry:

  • To stay on top of current trends 
  • To make the most profit compared to other clothing brands 
  • To spend little money on cheap materials and inadequate working conditions and staff wages 

When it comes to how beneficial fast fashion is, the cons seem to outweigh the pros.

Fast fashion is often the only choice for people who have limited funds.

If people can’t afford to buy clothing from expensive brands that take slightly longer to arrive, their only other option is to buy clothing from a fast fashion site.

It’s kind of similar to buying a McDonald’s compared to going out for a burger – it’s all about convenience in speed and price. 

However, despite its convenience, fast fashion is proven to have a detrimental effect on the environment.

Clothing is one of the biggest users of water, not to mention the working conditions of the employees in different countries.

When you buy cheap clothes, you give only pennies back to the people who made them.

The cheaper the clothes, the less money they make. Fast fashion is also a huge contributor to pollution, greenhouse gases, and waste.

Fast fashion clothes aren’t designed to last, so a lot of the time, consumers end up throwing away their clothing if it doesn’t look like the advertised picture. 

So, Is Blushmark Fast Fashion?

Unfortunately, yes – Blushmark is fast fashion. Blushmark is essentially the same as other fast fashion apps such as Shein, because they share the same values and quality of clothing.

Their clothes are cheap, the app is accessible, and the quality of clothing is hit or miss.

Not only this, but with such a fast turnaround with clothes, these fast fashion apps are able to keep on top of trends better than a lot of other clothing companies.

Thanks to the rise of TikTok and social media sponsorships, Blushmark gained popularity remarkably fast.

Blushmark will pay their sponsors a certain amount of money to advertise their clothing, which is then seen by thousands of viewers.

As social media influencers are all about influencing their viewers, this is essentially the best form of advertisement for the clothing companies.

Trends are established, the clothes are advertised, the clothes are bought, and the cycle continues. 

While this might sound harmless, the impact on the environment is not a good one.

Blushmark, along with every other fast fashion brand, directly contributes to unequal and unfair pay, inadequate and exploitative working conditions, pollution, waste, excessive use of water, and excessive use of greenhouse gases.

These brands aren’t transparent, however, so their accountability remains non-existent. People will continue to buy their products for the sake of saving money. 

Is Blushmark A Legitimate Website?

Yes, Blushmark is a legitimate website. The brand has somewhat shot itself in the foot because of how unprofessional and chaotic their website and app look.

Their cheap prices and inconsistent advertisement pictures often lead consumers to assume that Blushmark is a scam company that sells misleading products. This is only half true. 

While Blushmark is a legitimate company with a legitimate website and app, it doesn’t mean their clothes are always reliable.

Fast fashion companies are notorious for posting misleading pictures of models, advertising their clothing products to make it look like the quality is incredible. It’s clever advertising, because it works.

People will automatically assume that the dress the company is advertising will look as good on them as it does on the model. 

However, this isn’t always the case. Like we said, fast fashion companies are very hit or miss.

Some clothing items will be decent and look like the picture, while others will be made of flimsy materials.

But, who cares? You only spent $10 on that t-shirt.

Might as well throw it away, thus contributing to the ever-growing waste of items that will never degrade naturally, resulting in pollution. 

How Much Does Blushmark Pay Its Employees?

A huge sign of a fast fashion industry is the lack of transparency. According to Blushmark’s website, all they can say about their company and its employees is that it is based in Los Angeles.

This is about as transparent as it gets, because while the headquarters and office might be located in Los Angeles, it doesn’t mean the people who actually make the clothes are in LA.

Even if they are, there is no evidence to prove that they are working in good working conditions or receiving adequate pay. 


To conclude, yes – Blushmark is a fast fashion company.

Of course, whether you choose to purchase their products is completely up to you, but it’s always important to be conscious about where your money is going.

Next time you enter the Blushmark app, just ask yourself whether spending $5 will be worth it.