How To Use Old Jeans To Make New Clothes?

Owning a lot of clothes can be a fun and wonderful thing, especially if you keep up to date with all of the latest fashions and trends.

However, this does not mean that owning an extensive collection does not come with its negative side effects, as owning a lot of clothes can make your life disorganized and can result in a lot of wastage if you do not use your clothes wisely. 

One item of clothing that you will often collect over the years is jeans, which can become a recurring presence in your wardrobe, especially if you are still in the process of experimenting with different sizes and styles.

So if you have a pile of denim in your bedroom that you haven’t worn for years, you may be wondering what you can do with it. 

Well, there are various ways that you can utilize your old jeans, from donating them to charity to using them as household rags.

But if you want to try your hand at upcycling, you can also use your old jeans to make some new clothes and accessories, which is a great way to keep your clothes relevant and always in use. 

In the following article, we have outlined some of the best ways that you can transform your old jeans into fashionable clothes, from jewellery and handbags to phone covers and aprons. So if you want to utilize your old jeans in a fun and creative way, just take a look at our list and see which idea takes your interest – we promise you won’t be disappointed…

How To Make Jeans Into A Skirt?

If you own an old pair of jeans, one of the best ways to utilize them is by transforming them into a fashionable skirt, which will be perfect for the summer season. 

So if you want to know how you can do this, we have outlined the process in the instructions below: 

What You Will Need

  • Denim jeans (1-2) 
  • Thread 
  • All-purpose thread 
  • Seam ripper 
  • Scissors 
  • Denim needle 
  • Tape measure 
  • Tailor’s chalk 
  • Sewing machine 


  1. Lay the jeans out on a flat surface, making sure to smooth down the waist until the crotch seam no longer stays flat – mark this area with a pin. 
  2. Turn the jeans around and repeat this process until the centre back seam begins to curve – mark this area with a pin. 
  1. Take your seam ripper and carefully remove the inseam stitching, making sure not to tear the denim – you should do this until you have removed all stitching from the crotch to the pin on the front and back of the jeans. 
  1. Take your scissors and cut off the jean legs, making sure to leave ample length to hem. Then lay the jeans out with the back pocket side up and open one unstitched leg on top of the opposite leg – mark this area with a pin. 
  1. Cut out a rectangle of denim that is 1-inch larger than the area between the two legs, making sure to pay attention to the fabric grain. 
  1. Place the rectangle between the jean legs, making sure that it covers the gap between the 2 unstitched layers. 
  1. Turn the exposed raw edge of the insert until it matches the original seam line on the underneath, this should make the rectangle look like a wedge – pin it in place. 
  1. Using the sewing machine and thread, edgestitch along the fold of the insert making sure not to sew over the pins. 
  1. Take your tape and measure between the topstitching and the original seams. Then trim the seam allowance until it is wide enough to reach the same distance that you measured. 
  1. Finish the seam allowance by adding a seam finish, making sure to use a lighter thread. 
  1. Stitch the seam allowance in place by topstitching a second row, this will create a mock flat felled seam. 
  1. Lay all the seams flat and turn all the raw edges along the original edge. Then edgestitch along the curved seam and remaining flat seam until the second side of the insert is closed. 
  1. From the inside of the skirt, trim away any seam allowance and then apply a seam finish to the new seam allowances. 
  1. Sew a new row of stitching along the edge of the straight seam, to create another mock flat felled seam. 
  1. Repeat all previous steps on the front of the skirt, making sure to repeat the leg placement and pinning. Then hem the skirt and you are done! 

How To Make Jeans Into Tassel Earrings? 

Although old jeans can be made into a variety of different clothes, this does not mean that you can’t also use them to create fun and creative accessories. 

So if you want to know how you can make your jeans into a pair of tassel earrings, everything you need can be found below: 

What You Will Need

  • 2 pieces of dark denim (4-inch x 3-inch)
  • 2 pieces of light denim (¾-inch x 3-inch) 
  • Earring wires 
  • Sewing thread 
  • Sharp needle 


  1. Cut the pieces of denim until the white threads are horizontal and the blue threads are vertical. 
  1. Take your needle and remove the horizontal white threads until the denim is frayed and you have approximately 1-inch of fabric remaining. 
  1. Take your sewing thread and double it up before using it to sew an earring wire to the top corner of the frayed denim. 
  1. Roll the denim as tightly as possible to secure the shape of the tassel, then take a small piece of light denim and wrap it around the top of the tassel to create a binding. 
  1. Secure the light denim with some stitches and your earrings are ready! 

How To Make Jeans Into A Work Apron? 

If you want to transform your old jeans into something more useful, then you can do this by making them into a handy work apron. 

Just follow our instructions in the section below and you will find everything you need to get started: 

What You Will Need

  • Denim Jeans (x1 pair)
  • Scissors 
  • Buttons 
  • Glue gun 
  • Sewing needle 
  • Thread 
  • Sewing machine
  • Pinking shears 


  1. Take your scissors and cut off the legs of the jeans at the crotch point, making sure to keep things as straight as possible. 
  1. Cut a few inches into the centre seam and then lay the seam side over the top of the opposite side. Then use a tiny blob of glue to tack the seam down, making sure that the glue is nowhere near the edge where you will be sewing. 
  1. Cut the front of the jeans away from the back and then cut out half an inch from the seam, leaving enough room to sew and make a finished edge. 
  1. Cut around the waistline, leaving it and the button intact – this will create the belt of the finished apron. 
  1. Even out the hemline in the front of the jeans and iron it to create an easier edge to sew. Then hem the front and sides by hand or by using a sewing machine. 
  1. Embellish the apron using flowers, patterns and other accessories – this is optional but can help give the finished look a more personal feel. 
  1. If you want a place on the apron to store tools, then you can use a denim belt loop to create a nifty holder. All you have to do is stitch it in place and you have everything you need to start some DIY. 

And there we have it! Those were some ideas of how you can use old jeans to make new clothes. We hope that you enjoyed our guides and that you find other clever ways to make your jeans into fun and creative accessories.