How To Reduce Oil Consumption In A Car?

Oil is a very important component within a car, as it lubricates the engine system to ensure everything is working smoothly. In fact, if your oil is low, your car will let you know, and it is vital that you refill it, or else the engine will suffer greatly.

But here’s the thing, what if your car is consuming too much oil? This puts your car at a greater risk of having low oil levels more often, which in turn increases the risk of your car’s engine becoming damaged and broken. 

The solution, of course, is to reduce the oil consumption in your car, so that it is within normal and safe levels.

But why do some cars consume too much oil? And how do you even know if your car is over-consuming in oil in the first place? 

Well, we can answer that, and much more, so that you have all the basics and know exactly how to deal with the oil in your car. Ready? Then let’s get right into it! 

How To Reduce Oil Consumption

Since you’re mainly here for the solutions, we will lead with the different main ways in which you can reduce the oil consumption of your car:

  • Use the right engine oil

Most vehicles come with a notice, stated by the manufacturers, on what brand of engine oil is the best to be used. This is because different types of engine oil are good for different types of vehicles, and these are considered by the manufacturers from the start. So the number one rule is to use the right type of engine oil for your vehicle, and you will notice that this makes a huge difference. 

Another thing to consider when choosing the engine oil that you use is the quality. Low-quality oil is likely to cause debris, which will then burn, and can eventually wear down and damage the car’s engine. High-quality oil, on the other hand, is a lot smoother and will work to preserve the car’s engine a lot better. 

  • Replace the oil at intervals

Some people get so worried about their car having enough oil at all times, that they change it far too often, and this doesn’t help in the slightest, as it can actually cause the car to over consume. The solution? Make sure you are replacing the engine oil at the recommended intervals, no sooner and no later. This amount of time is carefully calculated by the manufacturers, and it allows the oil to have enough time to carry out its function before it can no longer serve a purpose. Always check with the engine oil product description! 

  • Check for damaged engine parts, and fix them

Sometimes, your car can over consume in oil because the engine is damaged in some way and not functioning properly. Make sure to check the seals, gaskets, and piston rings, as well as all the other parts of the car engine. If anything is damaged or looks worn down and old, make sure to replace or fix, so that everything is working smoothly once more. 

  • Contact an automobile technician

If you try all of the main solutions, and your car is still consuming too much oil, then make sure to contact a professional automobile technician, so that they can give your car a proper check, and apply the proper fix. If you’re unsure of the cause of the oil consumption, then you should also go straight to a professional, in order to avoid causing any further damage to your car’s engine. 

How to know when your car is consuming too much oil

The first step in reducing the oil consumption in your car is to be able to identify when your car is consuming too much oil, to begin with. This is incredibly important, as you need to be able to detect this in order to fix it, and in order to avoid your car from suffering great damage to the engine. 

Here are some of the main symptoms that can indicate when a car is consuming too much oil:

  • Low level of oil gauge, constantly

If the oil gauge is constantly flagging up as low, even if you have recently refilled the engine oil, then this is a pretty big sign of over-consumption, or that something is wrong

  • A strong smell

If your car is consuming too much oil, the oil might start to burn, and you will notice this through a very strong smell coming from the engine. Eventually, you might also notice smoke coming from the exhaust. 

  • Smoke coming from the exhaust

An excessive amount of smoke coming out of the exhaust is a very clear sign that something is wrong, and usually, it is due to oil burning, and the car’s engine becoming damaged. 

  • The oxygen sensors and spark plugs are clogged

Usually, when these get clogged, it is because there is a lot of oil debris accumulating, and this can be a sign of oil over-consumption. Make sure to get your car checked immediately! 

What Can Cause A Car To Consume Too Much Oil?

You might be wondering what kind of issues can cause a car to consume too much oil, and it’s good to familiarize yourself with the most common ones so that you’re better at identifying them if they ever arise0.

That way you won’t waste any time applying the right solution so that your car stays functional! 

So here are some of the main reasons why a car might be consuming too much engine oil:

  • Using the wrong engine oil
  • Changing the engine oil too often or not often enough
  • The engine is very old
  • The gaskets are damaged and not working properly
  • The piston rings are damaged
  • There is a vacuum leakage
  • Overworking your engine with your style of driving


There are many different reasons why a car might be consuming too much oil, and different signs to look out for so that you can realize with plenty of time and apply a solution.

But as a general rule, the best ways to reduce the oil consumption in a car are to use the right engine oil, replace the engine oil at the right intervals, and make sure that all the parts of the car’s engine are in functioning condition.