Do Organic Tampons Help With Cramps?

Most women at some point in their lives will have experienced dysmenorrhea.

This is characterized by the severe menstrual cramps experienced during your period. Unfortunately, some women experience this more intensely and more frequently than others. 

When your period catches you off guard, it’s easy to just pick up the first or cheapest pack of tampons you can find.

However, research shows that regular tampons contain slight traces of toxic chemicals which are absorbed by your body every time you use a tampon. 

Considering this, could it be possible that the pain felt during your period is worsened by the tampons you’re using?

Luckily, there is an increase in the production of organic tampons that stands to offer a solution to the problems of regular tampons.

This post will give you all the information you need on whether organic tampons can help to reduce period cramps. 

Contains Dioxins 

Did you know that trace amounts of dioxin can be found in the cotton in tampons? Dioxin is characterized as a highly toxic chemical compound that is believed to affect human health when the body is exposed to it.

Whilst there are only trace amounts found in regular tampons, many believe that this chemical is the cause of reproductive discomfort and pain such as cramping. 

Why Are Dioxins In Regular Tampons?

Regular tampons go through a bleaching process to whiten the cotton. This process results in a release of dioxins which continue to exist in small amounts in the cotton of the tampon.

However, on average, a single woman uses around 11,00 tampons in her lifetime.

If the absorption of dioxin is accumulated to this figure, it becomes more than a trace amount. It’s believed that this chemical can be responsible for worsening period cramps.

Treated With Pesticides

Regular tampons are not 100% cotton, instead, they are made from cotton treated by pesticides and insecticides and synthetic fiber made from wood and other agricultural products known as ‘rayon.’ To make a tampon, this synthetic blend is bleached and then chlorine is used to make the tampon white, fragrances are then added to mask the natural smell of the period.

The process of bleaching and chlorinating the fiber releases dioxin. Whilst only small traces of pesticides and dioxin can be found in regular tampons, it may be possible that even small traces could potentially be harmful and cause significant effects. 

Contains Inorganic Fragrances 

People with sensitive skin are often allergic to or sensitive to products containing fragrances. Regular tampons contain inorganic fragrances which contain chemicals that could be potentially harmful.

When absorbed by the vaginal wall, these chemicals may cause irritation which presents as inflammation, or it may increase your period cramps.

Whilst, it is inconclusive whether the chemicals found in regular tampons have any adverse effects on the body, if you would prefer to not take the risk, organic tampons may be the solution to helping reduce your cramps.

How Organic Tampons Could Help With Cramps?

No Dioxins 

Unlike regular tampons, organic tampons are not made from a synthetic fiber blend, instead, they are 100% organic.

These tampons are grown in a sustainable manner without the use of pesticides and insecticides that could potentially affect the body.

These tampons are considered ‘clean’ as they are free from inorganic fragrance, chemicals, and dyes.

This also makes them free from dioxin which takes away any potential risk of exposure to toxicity which could have adverse effects on the reproductive organs.

As a result, organic tampons may help to reduce the cramping caused by dioxin absorption. 

Non-Toxic Fragrances 

Unlike regular tampons, organic tampons are either unfragranced or fragranced with organic substances.

The absence of harmful allergens and irritants may be able to reduce cramping. 

100% Organic Cotton 

Organic tampons are made completely from clean cotton absent from harmful chemicals this not only makes them safer to use but is also considered more breathable to reduce the risk of contracting bacterial infections that may cause cramping. 

Other Reasons To Switch To Organic Tampons

Better For The Environment 

Using organic tampons stands to have less of an impact on the environment due to them being made from 100% cotton.

Unlike regular tampons, organic tampons are fully biodegradable making them more sustainable as they don’t leach any toxic chemicals or plastic particles. 

Unlike regular tampons which contain pesticides, the absence of toxic chemicals and pesticides in the growth process of organic cotton is safer for the environment as it helps to safeguard water supplies.

The absence of harmful pesticides prevents chemicals from leaching into waterways and jeopardizing water supplies and damaging wildlife. 

Lighter Periods

Many women have claimed that after switching to organic tampons, they noticed a significant difference in the period experience. They felt more comfortable, experiencing irritation, cramping, and a lighter flow.

If you suffer from heavy periods and severe cramps, or you are looking for a toxic free option, it may be worth giving organic tampons a try. 


If you’re considering switching to using organic tampons to help reduce your period cramps, here’s what to look for. Looks for products that specify that they are organic and have a Global Organic Textiles Standard Certification.

This will ensure that the farming of cotton was 100% sustainable with no use of chemicals or pesticides. It’s worth looking out for any mention of the absence of pesticides and chlorine as well as the mention of the product using non-GMO seeds.

Getting this information will give you peace of mind in knowing that your tampons are toxin free and safe to use.

Whilst there is currently not enough research on whether organic tampons can help with cramping, there is research that points to the toxic chemicals found in regular tampons being associated with health concerns and cramping.

Therefore, the absence of such chemicals in organic tampons may be able to help reduce cramping. If you’re looking for a way to help with your cramps, why not give organic tampons a try.