Is Indian Food Vegan?

is indian food vegan

Indian food has become a staple in many cultures, and if you’re vegan, you can still enjoy traditional favorites. You can enjoy delicious, satisfying meals that are sure to satisfy your taste buds. You can try dishes such as Naan, Chapati, Dum aloo, Kofta, and many more.


If you’re looking for a delicious vegan alternative to traditional Indian cuisine, naan is a popular choice. This fluffy flatbread is delicious served with a variety of Indian dishes, or simply as a wrap. Vegan naan is easy to make, with only 7 ingredients! To make the dough, you’ll need some warm water, yeast, sugar, and flour. Once the yeast has dissolved in the water, add the sugar and flour and whisk for about 15 seconds.


Chapati is a vegan Indian food that is similar to roti, but is cooked differently. It is made with different types of flour and is much thinner. It is vegan by definition, although it does contain trace amounts of animal products. Some types contain egg and dairy ingredients.

Dum aloo

To make vegan Indian food, you will need to replace the dairy in the dish with plant-based ingredients. For instance, you can use cashew nut paste instead of coconut yogurt. You can also substitute coconut yogurt with plain vegan yogurt.


You can make kofta without using any meat at all by using mushrooms and lentils. Try using cremini mushrooms, which have a deep, earthy flavour. Other vegetarian alternatives include portobello mushrooms and white button mushrooms. You can also use breadcrumbs in place of ground cashews. The mixture can be made a day ahead and grilled when it is ready. It’s best to cook the lentils for about 10 minutes, but don’t overdo it!


Rajma is a great vegan Indian food made from kidney beans. It has many health benefits and is full of plant-based protein. It is also rich in fiber and other nutrients and can help regulate blood sugar. You can easily prepare this vegan meal in your Instant Pot. First, soak the rajma for four hours. Once soaked, remove the water and rinse it well. Next, cook the rajma on SAUTE mode. If you want, you can add finely chopped tomatoes and spices.


Papadams is a popular Indian snack. It is a thin, fully dried flatbread that is fried or popped in hot oil. These crunchy treats are typically served as an appetizer in Indian restaurants. Their name derives from the Sanskrit word parpata, which means thin wafer. They can be eaten as is or fried in oil to add a smoky flavor.


Khechdi, which means “mixture,” is a staple Indian food. It’s made with a variety of ingredients, including spices, yellow lentils, and vegetables. It’s commonly served as a comfort food for sick people and is easy to make. It is traditionally served with a spicy pickle.