Are Bottle Caps Recyclable?

What do you do with bottle caps? Most plastic and glass containers are recyclable, but does it apply to the caps?

Beer, soda, tea, water, and other beverage bottles come with caps. Your medications and vitamins can also come in bottles with caps.

 So, are bottle caps recyclable?

Recyclable Bottle Caps

Are Bottle Caps Recyclable?

Metal and plastic bottle caps are recyclable. The hard part is remembering to not throw them in the trash.

It’s a little easier with plastic tops. These often come on medication and vitamin bottles, along with ones holding water, soda, or juice. Usually, you take a sip and put the lid back on the bottle.

It’s the same with your medication and supplement bottles. You take the recommended dose and tightly close the container.

Metal bottle caps are different. Unlike plastic caps that screw back on, it’s not easy replacing a metal cap. These are the ones you often toss in the trash, forgetting about recycling.

Recyclable Bottle Caps

Are Metal Bottle Caps Recyclable?

You can toss metal bottle caps in recycling bins. Recycling facilities happily accept small pieces of metal.

Metal bottle caps are either aluminum or steel, and these are recyclable materials. Even if the bottle caps come with a printed logo, you can still recycle them.

The problem with metal bottle recycling is remembering to put them in the bin. It’s easy to toss the caps in the trash, forgetting about recycling until you finish the bottle.

It’s probably not a lot of metal caps going into the trash, but it still harms the environment. A quick and easy way to ensure metal bottle caps go into the recycling bin is to start saving them.

Grab a plastic bag or empty aluminum can. These items are also recyclable. Make it a habit to toss the metal caps in the container. When it’s full toss it in the recycling bin.

Most areas allow you to mix metal and plastic recyclables, but it’s always best to check with your local recycling facility.

Recyclable Bottle Caps

Are Plastic Bottle Caps Recyclable?

If your local recycler accepts plastic, you can recycle your bottle caps. Some recycling facilities have preferences on how you deposit the bottle caps. Others are not as picky as long as the caps are plastic.

Some recyclers prefer the plastic caps attached to the bottles, others don’t care. Your recycling probably isn’t going to be turned away, but it’s a good idea to ask first.

If you have trouble remembering to recycle plastic caps, you can also store them in a recyclable bag or container. Just make sure the container meets the recycler’s specifications.

bottle caps

Are Medicine Bottle Caps Recyclable?

Recycling medicine bottle caps is a little tricky. It also applies to the bottles. Most prescription and over-the-counter bottles are plastic, and it includes their lids. The problem is the type of plastic the manufacturers use.

Recycling plant doesn’t all accept the same types of plastics. All will accept #1 and #2 plastic, including over-the-counter bottles and caps. Items like Aspirin and vitamin bottle caps can go into your recycling bin.

Plastics #3-7 are different, and it applies to prescription medication bottle caps. For these types of plastics, you need to contact the recycler. If they don’t accept the harder plastic they may know a facility that will.

Recyclable Bottle Caps

Recycling Metal Bottle Caps for Money

Did you know you can make money by recycling metal bottle caps? It’s not enough to fund early retirement, but it can put a few extra dollars in your pocket.

The bottle caps monetary worth depends on the material. Aluminum caps are usually worth more than steel ones.

On average, you can make between five to ten cents for each steel bottle cap. Aluminum bottle caps typically earn around 35 to 40 cents.

These numbers do change according to the market, but it’s a good way to make a little extra money. You are also doing something beneficial for the environment.

Recyclable Bottle Caps


Metal and plastic bottle caps are recyclable. It’s easy to forget to toss the caps in the recycling bin, but there are things you can do to improve your memory.

Try saving the caps in a recyclable container instead of tossing them in one at a time.

You can even take care of the recycling by yourself and make a little extra money.

Metal scrap yards accept and pay for steel and aluminum bottle caps. Chances are, there is one close to your neighborhood.